Moore, Polk Talk About Baseball Loss

First baseman Tyler Moore, who hit two home runs in the game and MSU head coach Ron Polk talk about Mississippi State's Tuesday nigh loss to South Alabama, 6-5.

Tyler Moore

Talk about the game.
"It was a tough one to swallow because we didn't start off hot at the beginning of the game, then we started collecting runs back and forth. I know pitching worked hard for us, but it was just tough loss tonight. We tried to do it that last inning, but it just didn't come through for us."

How frustrating is it to get so many players on base then hit into double plays?
"I don't know what to tell you on the double play balls. It's definitely frustrating. I think we hit into nine double plays this weekend against South Carolina and four tonight. We rolled over balls and hit them hard, but we are hitting right to the guys. It seems like every time there is a guy on first, it's a double play and they are out of a possible big inning. We just have to keep working because I know the ball is going to start finding holes and falling sooner or later. We just have to turn it around and just stay positive."

Do you think the team is pressing?
"I don't think so. We hit some balls hard, but then they are right to people."

Did you feel pretty comfortable hitting the ball tonight? Do you feel you are starting to get your stroke back?
"Yeah, I think so. The first part of the season has been pretty tough for me. But I was working in the batting cage with a teammate and the coaches. They are staying positive with me and showing little things in my swing. And I think we may have found something that I was doing. I feel a little more comfortable at the plate, so, hopefully, now the balls will start falling for me."

What has been the biggest problem for you, the pitching?
"There is some great pitching, but I don't think that is it. I think it was just the swings that I was taking. I think I was trying to prove too much, not just coming in here and playing baseball the way I have done since I was five-years old. I just need to play the game, relax and have fun with it."

Coach Ron Polk

Talk about tonight's game. What was the key?
"Double plays. There were four of them tonight. I don't know what the numbers are for the season, but I think it's something like 5 to 1 or 6 to 1. But you have to hit a ball hard to get a double play. And it seems like we are hitting double plays when we are two, three, four or five runs down. That's because we haven't been able to establish early in the ballgame a lead. And it seems like we always playing from behind. We did that tonight tonight. And the double plays hurt us, although I thought we swung the bats pretty good. And pitched ok."

Do you have any ideas on how to stop the double plays?
"It would be nice if we were one run down so I could bunt or something. But we are always hitting into double plays when we are behind three, four or five runs. And because of that you can't do too much stealing. If we were one-run down or tied, we could bunt, steal or hit and run. Because of that you go station to station baseball almost and hope you find a hole."

Do you feel your players are pressing a little bit at the plate?
"Yeah, they are wearing that Mississippi State uniform. And other teams play against the uniform. And they aren't used to being below .500 at this stage. Plus, we have some injuries and are young and inexperienced. But at the same time, we have to play better."

Tyler Moore had a great day at the plate.
"Yeah, Tyler had a good game. We need more guys to step up. And we have to pitch better, hit better, and play better. And we have to get healthy. We have to get (Brandon) Turner, (Aaron) Weatherford and (Justin) Pigott back. (Chad) Crosswhite, thankfully, is finally starting to get some innings in. That will help us out a lot.

"We started a kid tonight (Greg Houston) that had never started before, and we are starting (Jared) Wesson who also hasn't started before."

Who are you going to start Saturday, Lee Swindle?
"Right now, that is our plan."

Who starts Friday?
"We don't know yet. I haven't even thought about it. I'm just trying to get by this South Alabama series. Then we will see what we need to do."

What is the update on Aaron Weatherford?
"He's in the last stages of soreness, and is working it out. Pigott is also working his out, but he won't be available this weekend. Neither will Aaron. And (Brandon) Turner is out this weekend. He stretched it again on a high throw. If the high thrown hadn't happen, he would have probably played all three games."

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