A Q&A With Senior CB Jasper O'Quinn

Mississippi State senior cornerback Jasper O'Quinn talks about some of the positive things that he's seen during spring practice.

How is the defensive backfield doing this spring?
Jasper O'Quinn - "We are doing great. We are learning each other and learning the defense well. And we have a lot of experience in the secondary and we are smart, too."

Has anybody really stepped up this spring?
"Really, the entire secondary, especially guys like Derek Pegues and Keith Fitzhugh. They lead us every day, on and off the field. Every day they are upbeat and they just get everybody else into it."

Has any of the young guys on the offensive side of the ball surprised you this spring?
"I wouldn't say surprised me, but more like impressed me. Yeah, there are a lot of guys, guys like the two freshmen running backs, Wade Bonner and Robert Elliott. They continue to impress each and every day with the way they work and the skills that they have. They are only freshmen, but with their skills they are going to be unbelievable in the future."

What skills are you referring to?
"It's the combination of their quickness and fast. And they have the heart, they have all the tools."

How have you improved this spring?
"I think my biggest improvement has been learning the SEC. I know how to play in the SEC now due to having a season under my belt. I know what to expect and the situations that come up. And I'm smarter as far as having learned the defense."

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