Lady Bulldog Quotes From MSU Basketball Media Day

Quotes from the MSU women's basketball media day.


Opening remarks:

"We're trying very hard to focus on work ethic and team chemistry. I know this is something you'll hear year after year. I look at the top 10 or 11 players on this basketball team and there is a lot of youth. There are probably six new faces in the top 11 players. There's one senior and one junior that have not been in a primary role and the rest are either freshmen or sophomores and then new people.

"I'm trying to be patient, but right now we've got to do a little better at blocking out in some situations. We have to communicate and work harder as a team. We are focusing on taking the easy shot and making the easy pass and screening better. It's going to consist of work ethic and team chemistry.

"It will be good to see us against a different opponent this week and in the next couple of situations. We have a lot of combinations and like I say we probably have 10 or 11 folks and out of that 10 or 11 right now we probably have three that's not in that group that has played a lot for us. In fact three have started at some point for us and are not in the top 11 players. So we are trying very hard to work on different combinations right now and trying very hard to get the post group mentally tough enough where they can be physical and can guard hard. It continues to go back to the fundamentals of work ethic and team chemistry."

On possible starting lineup:

"If we were starting today, Renea would be at point, Blessing and Tan at two, three, and Toya and Rebecca would be inside. Now in our minds that has change somewhat and it has floated day to day. I told the team today in practice whoever the top two defensive players are on this basketball team will start and whoever the top two rebounders are on this basketball team will start. It could be they are the same people; it could be they are in the same position."

On improvements from last year:

"When Doceide has gotten on the floor I think she has been good in decision making and that will give us three players in time that can score with she, Tan and Toya playing pretty well together. We've got to have another post player come through."

On LaToya and Tan carrying the team:

"If they are on the floor (together) then they are hard to guard. Now they will have to adjust to a lot of different looks and the team will have to adjust to that. And you will see where the maturity is once you see a lot of things thrown at them. I know that they are understanding the game and they are being good teachers for the younger players."

On Tan White:

"Tan has a much better understanding from a defensive stand point this year. She is better in her shot selections, better with her jump shot, is a stronger player and overall has more endurance."

On LaToya Thomas:

"Toya is teaching well on the floor, she is understanding things. I think she is more versatile inside and outside. I think that Tan and Toya have benefited from their play during Jen Fambrough's injury last season. It gave the two an opportunity to see what this year would be like."

On the strength of the non-conference schedule:

"I think it's the toughest schedule that our women's basketball program has ever had here. Look at the NIT and can see how that progresses. Then somewhere in the mix of that you have Cincinnati at home and they have been a top 25 team. Then you have tournaments on the road. It will be a real challenge we have to step up to.

"You look at last year and we had some big wins but we dropped some road games where I was very disappointed in our effort. We have to mature on the road. I think we have some players that have been there and will help the other kids step up."


On the comparison of this year's team to last year's:

"I think we have more depth this year in the guard spot and a hard working team that is willing to do what it takes to win."

On the depth at the 4 and 5 positions:

"We are working hard to get the newcomers to fit in because there are a lot of motion plays and we are trying to get them ready for the SEC."

On team goals this year:

"The team is set on working together to win the SEC championship. We just have to stay focused and everybody has to know their roles and be dedicated and determined."

On her senior year:

"It's different because it's my senior year and everybody is asking me about it. I'm I glad about it, but I haven't realized it yet. It still seems like my junior year again. I feel different and am going to play different but keep it on the same pace."


On team chemistry between herself and Toya:

"I think since this is my second year playing with Toya, I feel we play well together on the court and the chemistry will be better than last year."

On her improvement from last year:

"It's not any easier, but since I have that year behind me, I feel my defense should step up this year since I know how the SEC is played. I feel if I improve my defense I should be better."

On the newcomers:

"I think all seven new people are stepping up and getting the feel of it and once the season starts they will get use to getting in a zone and playing how they are suppose to play. So I feel that all seven players are stepping up big for us."

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