Tracy Olson Update

First of all allow me to thank Bullies and Rebs alike for their responses thus far in relation to the post yesterday regarding Tracy Olson who has recurrent leukemia and is undergoing chemo while looking for a bone marrow match which quite frankly is her only hope. I called Gene Swindoll (never spoken to him or met him) and he was very gracious in posting the information on his page. I have some more details concerning the drive to find a match, the financial drive and other pertinent details.

A bone marrow donor drive (preliminary test-finger stick) will be held on Friday, November 8th, from 10 til 4 at Gloster Creek Village in Tupelo. The first 100 tests will be free. The test is a simple fingerstick. If you are a preliminary match for Tracy or anyone else, the Bone Marrow Donor Program will contact you for further testing. If you agree to proceed with the actual marrow donation you will be admitted to the hospital with either general or local anesthesia for bone marrow harvesting from your hip. You will have soreness at the hip for a few days. There will also be a Blood Drive and Bone Marrow Donor Drive at the Fulton Girl Scout Hut on Friday, November 15th from 12 til 7.

In the event you are unable to personally attend and desire to be tested, call 1-800-862-3627 and they will send you a kit and you can have your blood drawn locally and sent back according to the instructions.

Now for the financial side. The is some preliminary good news. According to the data base, there are 14 "preliminary" matches...nothing is sure until they test each a cost of $3,000.00 a pop; something that Tracy's insurance will not cover. She needs both people being tested (please do not allow this preliminary good news to lead you to believe it will not be helpful to be tested) and even more importantly, financial contributions. Those contributions, made out to the Tracy Olson Marrow Drive, can be mailed to:

Clarissa Watts, RN, Rehab Case Manager
c/o NMMC
830 S. Gloster
Tupelo, MS 38801

No contribution is too small.

Speaking for myself and my family, God has blessed us abundantly in so many facets of our lives...our cup runneth over. It is now time for us to pass that cup to a sister and her family who desperately needs our love and support. God is still in the business of performing miracles. Would you please allow Him to use you as a vessel in this effort? Thank you and God bless each and everyone of you.

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