A Q&A With Greg Byrne

Mississippi State's Greg Byrne, who will start his duties as MSU's Athletic Director effective July 1st, did a telephone interview with Gene's Page Monday morning. During the conversation he talked about a wide variety of issues that will affect Mississippi State athletics in the near future as well as the long-term future.

There has been talk that a new RV parking lot may be built soon. If so, will it be built prior to the upcoming season?
"We are having discussions about a new RV (parking lot) quite a bit, but, as of right now, we expect the parking to be the same as last year. It hasn't been on the front burner due to everything else that is going on."

Where does the Indoor Basketball Practice Facility stand at this time?
"We are working on it right now and we hope to have some information forthcoming in the coming months."

It will have two courts in it, is that correct?
"Yes, it will definitely have two courts. We are sure about that."

Are there plans to do some things to the MSU softball field to make it regional-host ready within the next year or two?
"In regard to the softball field, it will be included in a master plan that we are going to develop for all of our facilities. That includes softball, the basketball practice facility, Davis Wade Stadium and all our other facilities. We are going to have a master plan on everything we do, but obviously it is going to take us a little time to do that."

Why do you want to have a master plan? Will it allow you to figure out how much money you will need to enhance, expand and build new facilities?
"That's correct. And also it will allow everybody to know what projects we are working on and what their priorities are."

Where does MSU stand in regard to a new Jumbotron for the football stadium?
"We are still working on the possibility of having something next year. But we also need to make sure we do it right and make sure we have the resources to pay for it."

There has been a change in the Bulldog Club Board of Directors. Some have rotated out and some new ones have been added. Do you mind talking about that a little more in detail?
"We had a change in bylaws a few years ago - adding some new time structures as far as the timeframes people were going to be on the board. We've had a number of folks who were very loyal, long-standing Mississippi State folks who had been on the board for a long time. Over the last couple of years we've had some transition where we brought some other folks on. And it's been very well received on both ends.

"Basically, as of July 1st, the board will be made up of new members who have recently been put on the board except for a couple of members."

How does the baseball coaching search stand at this time?
"I feel good about where we are with it right now - the time frame where it, potentially, could be a couple of weeks after the College World Series and also we are looking at all type candidates including local candidates and national candidates as well."

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