Strong Start To 2008 On-Line Ticket Orders

There are four full weeks left before the priority deadline, but Mississippi State football fans are already taking care of 2008 season ticket business. And, saving themselves the trouble of a stamp or phone call in the process by renewing or placing their Bulldog ducat orders with a series of mouse-clicks.

According to associate athletic director Mike Richey, "about 5,000 orders for 2008 season tickets have been received" through Mississippi State's on-line process. This being the first time-around for such a method with football the Bulldog Club doesn't have a direct comparison to previous years, but on the whole response through the end of April has been encouraging. Still Richey hopes to see this pace picking up in early May for both re-orders and new orders.

"Our fans are taking advantage of on-line ordering as we hoped," Richey said. "We believed that this would happen, based on our experience last year with the LSU basketball game and then with baseball season tickets."

The priority deadline remains June 1 for those re-ordering and for Bulldog Club members. 2008 tickets for the six-game home season are $200, the same as last year.

As with any change in how things are done, there have been some questions and confusions. Most appear to arise not from ordering the tickets themselves, but related items. "Such as parking passes, media guides, seatback rentals, those things," Richey said, explaining that on the website menu ordering of tickets falls under the ‘season' category while the other items are under ‘events.'

It's part of another process, really, as Richey said such questions and any misunderstandings will be kept in mind and the system revised and refined.

"There is always the need to clarify things involved in a new system. It's new for us to use, too! And we do want to be told about these things so we can know what works and what needs more work. We've already gotten some good feedback."

As on-line ordering streamlines the process for everyone—staff is not tied down with telephones and mail—Mississippi State certainly hopes this becomes the norm. Still the older ways aren't being abandoned and another round of mail (paper as well as electronic) notices are going out with ordering information. Also, Richey stressed that while the early stress has been on Club members and current seat holders, new fans or those who haven't held season tickets recently are also welcome to use the on-line process and get their orders in.

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