Brown and Wesley Sentenced

Mississippi State football players Michael Brown and Quinton Wesley, who pleaded guilty to a felony charge, Possession of a Firearm on Educational Property, in court last Friday afternoon, received their sentences Tuesday afternoon.

Judge Lee Howard, who presided over the case, quickly gave his sentences to both young men with Michael Brown hearing his first.

Howard started things off with Brown by saying that, "it's good to get matters over with quick," referring to Brown going ahead and pleading guilty. "I took into consideration that you had no prior history with this court and that there was no plea bargain."

As for Brown's attorney's request for non-adjudication, Judge Howard said, "if it was simple possession that we were talking about I would have agreed but it wasn't. You fired the gun. You didn't fire at anyone, but you fired the gun."

He then handed down his sentencing to Brown, who was standing quietly looking straight at the judge.

"I'm sentencing you to two years which will be suspended, but you will be on probation for those two years. And you will pay a fine of $1,200 plus court costs."

Howard then wished him well.

"I want you to get it over with and make this a bad memory. Good luck to you."

Next up was Wesley, whose situation, as noted by Judge Howard, was a little different.

"You have no prior felony convictions but you stand in a different light due to a prior history of a simple assault."

With that in mind, Judge Howard handed down a different sentence to Wesley.

"I'm sentencing you to three years which is suspended and you will be placed on probation for that period. You will also have to pay a $2,000 fine plus court costs."

As with Brown, Judge Howard wished Wesley good luck.

Both players met with the probation office once their sentences were handed down.

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