West Memphis (AR) HS John Young Recruiting Update

[Premium Article] John Young is a highly recruited offensive left tackle from West Memphis (AR) High School. Gene's Page caught up with him a few days ago.

John, why don't you tell Gene's Page readers a little about yourself.
"I live in West Memphis, Arkansas. I was born in Germany because my dad was in the military. I go to West Memphis High School. I'm 6-6, 245 to 250 and I play offensive left tackle."

What kind of year did you have this year?
"Pretty good. Last year I made all-district and this year I'm hoping to make all-state. My team plays this week. If we win, we get first in the district. If not, we get 3rd."

I see. Do you keep any stats on yourself?
"No, I don't."

What schools are recruiting you?
"Most of the schools in the SEC have contacted me, and some of the schools in the Big 10. I would say the schools that are recruiting me the hardest are, Arkansas, Memphis, Arkansas State, TSU, and Mississippi State. And Oklahoma State is trying to get me now."

Has Mississippi State offered you yet?
"No, not yet. They just ask me if I want to go there."

How far are you from Memphis?
"Not 5 minutes."

Will that play a part in your decision?
"No, not really."

You said you are in the 240 to 250 range in your weight. What have the coaches said about that?
"They said I need to gain about 30 pounds. They said they will help me with it, like put me on a protein diet or something like that. I need to gain a lot of weight to play left tackle, if not, they said I may be able to play tight end."

Have you played tight end?
"No, but I've always wanted to."

I know it's a school night so I won't keep you. Good luck in the playoffs.

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