A Q&A With GA Coach Wesley Goodwin

Mississippi State graduate assistant coach Wesley Goodwin talks about what part he plays in the behind the scenes activity of Mississippi State football.

You worked as a baseball manager before moving to football didn't you?
Wesley Goodwin - "Yes sir, I was a baseball manager for four years."

When did you start working with football?
"In 2006. I had become friends with Jody Wright, the offensive GA for Mississippi State. I told him that I wanted to eventually get into coaching college football. That spring he had gotten moved to offense and Coach (Ellis) Johnson had talked about finding somebody to come in and do his film breakdown for that season. He had mentioned my name to him. That's how it all started."

You were with baseball for a number of years, so the football aspect was completely new to you. How difficult was it to learn to break down the film?
"There was a little adjustment. My first year in football I was also doing my baseball duties. That was quite a semester. But anytime you get involved in collegiate athletics you are going to put in a lot of time. So, I was used to that."

What was a typical day like when you were working with both sports?
"I would get up around 6:15 or so and be in the football office around 7:00 each morning. I would have class later in the morning, then in the afternoon I would usually go to baseball practice during the six weeks of fall practice. After that, I would usually try to come over to the football office and help out at night in any capacity that I could. I would usually get home around 10 to 10:30."

Once baseball was over with, did you then spend all your time with football?
"Yes, but I would still have to be at baseball one day a week. After that I was with football all the time."

Jody Wright is the offensive GA while you work on the defensive side. Are they the same or is defense different when it comes to breaking down film?
"We do it a little bit different. Last year, when Coach Harbison got here he wanted me to break each play down by hand and draw it up. We would match that up with the film and run the cutup. I would also make him a scouting report book that would have that in there so he could watch the play, see it on paper and make a note by the play."

Who did you mainly work with last year?
"I basically work for the whole defensive staff. But I was mainly working with Coach Ellis Johnson. It was quite an experience working for him. I believe he is one of the best linebacker coaches in the country. It was a blessing working for him."

You mentioned Coach Harbison. Did you work with him as well.
"Yes, each week when I did the breakdowns I was mainly working for him. It was a tremendous blessing working with him. We would spend a lot of time together throughout the season, so he and I got really close and developed a great relationship."

Who are you going to work with this coming season?
"Either Coach Campbell or Coach Harbison. In the spring I worked with Coach Campbell."

What are your plans when you graduate from Mississippi State?
"Hopefully, when I graduate I can get a good job somewhere coaching college football. If that doesn't work out, I would like to work in sports administration or with a pro team."

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