A Q&A With Brock Dulaney

Brock Dulaney, Mississippi State's Coordinator of Filming and Computing Services for the athletic department, takes us behind the scenes as far as what he and his six-person camera staff does during an entire game week from practice to the actual game itself.

What's game week like in the life of Brock Dulaney? Start with Sunday. And include the time you come to work and when you normally leave.
"Normally, on Sunday morning I'm in my office about 7 to 7:30. On Sunday morning we upload the game films to our upcoming opponent because we have an open exchange in the SEC. That means I can call whomever I want to and get whatever film of theirs that I want from them. So, Sunday morning we are normally doing that.

"And a lot of times on Sunday morning I come in and make backup DVDs for things like library use. And I also am waiting on our (graduate assistants) to break down our game from the night before so that I can run our cut-ups. Cut-ups are different type videos that our coaches want based on downs, distances, field positions, formations ... basically anything that they come up with that they want.

"After I'm through with that, I can go home for a couple of hours. I usually have our upcoming opponents video already set up. Then, I wait for our GAs to break down that film. They normally have that done around 4 to 5 in the afternoon. We'll then run the cut-ups of that for our coaches.

"Sunday night, I will make my player tape masters. We give a DVD to everybody that is dressing for the upcoming game. On those we normally have a couple of games and anything the coaches want put on the DVDs. Those are usually anywhere from 3 to 5 hours of video.

"Normally, I get home around 7 o'clock Sunday night."

"When I come in Monday morning, I finalize the player tape DVDs. We'll make anywhere from 75 to 90 DVDs. We do that on the duplicator which can make seven copies at a time. It normally takes 2 to 3 minutes to make seven copies of a five-hour DVD. I match those up with who is dressing (for the upcoming game). I take those over and put them in the players lockers so they'll have them before they go to practice on Monday.

"Monday is also a big Power Point day for Coach (Croom), so we also do that. We have something called Quality Control, which are things they want to look at each week. So, we put those up for them. They normally look at the Power Point at 4:30 each Monday afternoon.

"We are also getting everything ready for Monday's practice. I have six student-workers who come in around 2:30 to get ready for the Monday afternoon practice. I have to be at the meetings, more to be there in case something happens with the DVDs or computers. With the NCAA mandated 20-hour rule with their players, the coaches don't want to wait for me if something happens, so I make sure I'm right there with them. Luckily, it's not often that something happens, and it's usually nothing major.

"As I mentioned earlier, we have a staff of six student-workers and we normally shoot four cameras at practice. Before practice everyday I will give my head student-worker a list of everything that needs to be filmed. I'll then go back to my office and prepare for the practice tapes. Once practice starts, a student-worker will start running the film to me as practice goes along. I'll edit the tapes, separating offense and defense. They may run tapes to me as many as four or five times during a practice. The reason they do that is because as soon as the coaches get through with practice they'll shower then come back to the office and start watching the practice film to grade them for the next day.

"I usually get home Monday night around 7 o'clock."

"Tuesday, we begin working on next week's opponent. I'm putting their video into the computer and getting them ready for the coaches so that they can start breaking them down. Sometimes, the GAs will start breaking them down during that week.

"Since Tuesday is also our heaviest practice day, a lot of my time is geared toward that. Tuesday is also a big day for NFL scouts to come in, so I have to make sure I have DVDs in their room (in the Holliman Athletic Center) so that they can watch them.

"Like with Wednesday and Thursday, on Tuesday a lot of my time is making sure I'm available in case something happens with one of the computers.

"Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I usually come in at 8 and leave at about 7."

Wednesday and Thursday.
"Wednesday and Thursday are the days when we start to get ready for the weekend game whether it's home or away. If the game is at home, we meet in our team rooms. But if it's an away game, I have to copy all of the film of our opponents onto the computers. I'll do that while they are meeting.

"Thursday is usually the day I get everything packed up, especially on away games. We pack up all the cameras and game tapes."

"Friday is normally a slow day. Friday morning is usually my time to do personal things. I'll normally come into the office around 10 o'clock and leave around 6 that afternoon. If we are at home, a lot of times we have motivational Power Point presentations that I'll work on."

Saturday or gameday.
"We'll normally come in about two hours prior to the game and get everything set up and make sure everything is working.

"Once the game starts, I'll have someone with a camera on top of the M-Club, one in the student Dog Pound, and someone in the press box.

"At the end of the first quarter, I'll gather all the tapes and come back to my office in the Bryan Building and start editing them. Coach Croom and a couple of the other coaches want DVDs of the game as soon as the game is over. I'll edit the first quarter and put the sideline camera and endzone films together play by play. Once I finish the first quarter, I start making copies of the DVDs. Once the game is over, the GAs will come in and we'll match up my plays on the DVDs with the plays they wrote down during the game. I'll then run the DVDs and (graduate assistant) Jody (Wright) will take them to Coach Croom's and Coach McCorvey's houses.

"Before I leave, I'll upload our game onto to the internet to send it to our upcoming opponent and to the SEC office so that they can grade the officials. And now we also send it to the team we just played in case they have a problem with their tapes.

"That's our week. A few years ago our work week averaged 80 to 100 hours, but it's down to 60 or 70 now."

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