The Cohen Era Begins

The search is over. The wait has come to an end. No more guessing on the internet. No more speculating at the water cooler. Mississippi State University has announced that their next head baseball coach, as I am sure you all know, is John Cohen. To those who know the program, you know this name. You know the kind of player this man was. You know the kind of coach he has been at Kentucky.

Now the wait has begun to see how he does at his alma mater. Personally, I think he will take us to that next level.

When I heard that the new coach was going to be John Cohen I was excited. I have seen what he has done at Kentucky. He took a program - that while I was playing if you didn't sweep them you had a bad weekend - and made them into one of the top teams in the league. That my friends is not easy to do. Oh and he did it in less than 5 years. That makes it even more impressive.

I know you have all read coach Polk's reaction. Again I have nothing but respect for that man, but I believe he was out of line. I am hoping it was just a knee jerk reaction to the announcement. I was hoping that he would just bow out gracefully but that obviously did not happen. Regardless, the day and the week belong to John Cohen.

I am excited about the team again. This past year was, to say the least, difficult to get through.

I have a feeling about this guy. I know coach Cohen can take us to where we have already been and beyond. I read his comments about not just getting back to Omaha but wanting to win it. I also read his comments about not wanting to sit back during a game and let the game develop, but wanting to ATTACK the other team. We haven't done that in a while. And that's a fun way to play the game not to mention exciting for all of the fans. He also wants to put pressure on the other team.

That is what I wanted to hear. That is what I have been needing to hear. Heck, I even want to suit up and play for the guy. I envy the guys that are still on that team because I truly believe this guy is going to be special.

There is one downside to the Cohen Era ..... nine full months before the fun begins.

Matthew Brinson, a former Mississippi State baseball player who played at State during the years 2000-2003, is the MSU baseball columnist for

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