Grant Hogue's Style Of Play

This past season, Grant Hogue stole 25 bases, the most by a Bulldog since 1981 and the fourth most in Mississippi State baseball history. After talking to new coach John Cohen, he came away feeling his base-stealing style of play is exactly what Cohen is looking for.

Before Hogue started to talk about Cohen, he wanted to thank two men who helped him succeed on the field this past season.

"The first thing I want to do is thank Coach Polk and Coach Raffo," said Hogue. "I appreciate all that they have done for me. And I'm sorry to see them go."

While he will miss both men, he's looking forward to the John Cohen Era.

"I talk to (Coach Cohen) Sunday. I was very encouraged by what he said," said Hogue. "There's going to be a change. And after this season, there needs to be change."

One thing Grant noticed about Cohen's style of play is how it matches the way he plays the game.

"When I watch his team's way of playing I think how it fits me," noted Grant. "I might steal 50 bases playing his type ball."

But before he has the chance to steal those 50 bases, he's going to have to earn a starting position.

"He didn't guarantee me a starting position," said Hogue. "He told me when fall practice starts everybody will have to earn their spot, and that's how it should be."

Another slight obstacle to having Hogue in the lineup next spring is the Cincinnati Reds, the team who drafted him in the 47th round during last week's Major League Baseball draft.

"The Reds scout was in our home last night with a contract," said Hogue. "He didn't offer any money. It's more of a draft and follow situation. I'm going to play in the New England League and they will watch me play."

Surprisedly to Hogue, they want him to do something that he didn't do last season.

"They want me to switch-hit to see how well I can hit from the left side," said Hogue, who came to State as a switch-hitter but only hit from the right side as a Bulldog. "If I can hit well from both side, he said they may be able to offer enough for me to sign."

So, which way is he leaning - college or pro? "Right now, I'm leaning to coming back to college," said Hogue. "I really don't want to leave school, but if the money is what I want I would have to take it."

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