Justin Rogers Recruiting Update

[Premium Article] Justin Rogers (6-6, 285, 4.9/5.1, Germantown High School) is one of the top linemen in the Memphis area.

Justin, why don't you tell Gene's Page readers a little about yourself.
"I'm 6-6, 285. I'm from Memphis (Germantown HS). What else would you like to know?"

What position do you play and what is your 40 time?
"I play offensive and defensive tackle. My 40 time was at a combine and it was a 5.1. But I have been timed at a 4.9." (Justin is being recruited as an offensive lineman.-Brent)

I understand Mississippi State is recruiting you. Is that right?
"Yes, sir."

How do you think they found out about you?
"Actually, I went to the camp before my junior year. I talked to their coach and they liked me and my friend a lot."

I see. What schools are recruiting you the hardest?
"Oklahoma State, Memphis, Indiana, Auburn, Missouri, Ole Miss, and a couple of other schools."

And who of those is recruiting you the hardest?
"Right now I would have to say it's a tie between Mississippi State, Auburn, Ole Miss, and Memphis. Oh, and Oklahoma State now."

Have you decided which are your favorites?
"Oh no."

So you're still wide open?
"Yes, sir."

What will decide where you go to school?
"Academics, mainly. And the athletics to, of course."

What field are you planning to go into?

How many offers have you gotten already?
"Memphis, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Indiana, Oklahoma State.... maybe 6 or 7. Those have said ‘we would really like you to play football at our school.' "

That's great. As a O-lineman, what would you say is your strength? Run blocking, pass blocking....?
"Pass blocking."

So your being recruited as an offensive tackle then?
"Just an offensive linemen in general, I think. I can play any of the positions, except maybe center."

Has Coach Terry Lewis said anything about what he thought of your abilities?
"He said he could tell I can move good. I said I'm a good player and we just chatted a little bit."

Have you set up any visits yet?
"Not yet."

I really appreciate your time. Good talking with you. I'll probably be calling you back later.

Brent Bozeman is a correspondent for Gene's Page. He can be reached by email at bozeman@telepak.net .

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