Video Gamer Wants To Be A Football Gamer

Chris Spencer, a junior offensive lineman, is one of the top Xbox video game players on the Mississippi State campus. And he's looking to take his play on the football field to that level as well.

"I am unreal in (Xbox) video games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4," said Spencer, who started playing video games when he was very young. "I can't be beat in those games."

He's become so good that he's thinking about playing competitively.

"A couple of friends and I are thinking about playing in a competition at the beginning of July," said Spencer.

While the physical skill required to play video games won't transfer to the football field, the mental aspect of it will, especially at a position such as center.

"I like center best because I don't have trouble thinking on the fly," said Chris Spencer, who has played center, guard and tackle during his career.

But there is one major obstacle standing in the way of him being MSU's starting center - 300 pounds of major obstacle.

"(Sophomore) J. C. Brignone won the job at center (during the spring)," said Spencer. "And sometimes when you change the center in a game it's like changing the quarterback. It just changes everything."

Due to the progress of Brignone and his backup, freshman D.J. Looney, State's coaches decided to move Spencer to tackle. And he's comfortable with that move due to a couple of reasons.

"I guess center suits me a little bit better, but, athletically, I think I can play tackle also," said Spencer. "And because J.C. has won the center spot, if I get playing time it will be at tackle."

And he's using the summer to work on a couple of things - losing weight and developing a better mental attitude.

"From a physical standpoint, I want to shed a few pounds this summer," said Spencer, who is 6-3 and weighs 308 pounds. "But really it's never been physical with me, it's always been mental. Sometimes my highs are too high and sometimes my lows are too low."

He explains how he plans to change that part of his game so that it doesn't prevent him from being the player he's always known he can be.

"I just have to be more consistent and make sure I have a lot more highs than lows," said Spencer. "I think what I need to do is get my mind right and stay consistent once I do.

"And I'm getting better at that."

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