Independence (KS) CC TE Ray Gurley Update

Independence (KS) CC tight end Ray Gurley is one of the top five tight ends in junior college this season according to both Max Emfinger and TheInsiders' junior college site. Gene's Page caught up with him on October 30th.<P> Ray is a nineteen year old, 6-5, 253-pounder with 4.6 forty speed. This past season he had 31 receptions for 315 yards. Mississippi State is one of many schools that is presently recruiting Ray, who will graduate in December.

Ray, it's my understanding that you are being recruited by Mississippi State.
"I am."

What other schools are you interested in?
"Southern Miss, Texas Tech, North Carolina State, Oregon and Arizona."

What schools are you going to officially visit?
"Mississippi State on November 22nd, Southern Miss on November 29th, Texas Tech on November 16th and Arizona in December. My last visit will be either to Oregon or North Carolina State."

Ray, I'm just curious, how many schools have called you in regard to recruiting?
"Probably about 50."

Fifty! Man, how did you narrow it down?
"Oh, it was tough. Some of them backed off and sometimes I backed off. At one point I had every SEC school offer me."

Every school in the SEC?
"The whole SEC."

That's amazing, Ray.
"And the only SEC school that I'm visiting is Mississippi State."

How did you decide on the five teams that you are visiting?
"I did a lot of research and I know that they are losing a starter at my position, which means the guy behind him or a guy can come in and fill in."

What was it about Mississippi State that you liked other than the fact that their starter will be graduating?
"Coach Hendrick has done a really good job (recruiting me). He was one of the first schools on me and he really hasn't backed off at all. He is recruiting me hard. He is a great guy. If the rest of the coaching staff is anything like him, they will be great. I looked up their academics. I also like that they are in the SEC."

Does coach Hendrick call you weekly?
"Yeah, he calls me once a week, just like the rule says. Every week, he never misses."

What do you plan on majoring in?
"Either business or physical education. I haven't really decided yet."

That should just about do it, Ray. Thanks for talking to me.
"I appreciate it."

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