Woodley Telford Recruiting Update

[Premium Article] Woodley Telford, (6-8, 320, 4.9) is considered one of the 10 offensive tackles in the junior college ranks this season according to recruiting analyst Max Emfinger. Gene's Page correspondent Brent Bozeman caught up with Woodley Sunday night.

Woodley, I understand Mississippi State is recruiting you - is that correct?
"Yes sir."

Tell the readers of Gene's Page about yourself. What is your height, weight, 40 time and where you play?

"I'm 6-8. I weigh 320. I run a 4.9 40. I play offensive right or left tackle."

And you play at Dodge City, CC in Kansas?
"That's right."

Are you guys through this season?
"Yes, we're done."

How did you do this year?
"I did great. I didn't give up a sack all season. I made 2nd team all conference."

So, if you didn't give up a sack, I guess that means your expertise is in pass blocking, right?

Do you like to run block too?
"Yes, oh, yeah."

I guess with all your success, you must be getting a lot of recruiting interest. What schools are recruiting you?
"Florida, Clemson, Miami, Southern Miss, UCF... a lot of division 1 schools."

Where are you from originally?
"Miami, Florida."

Are the Hurricanes recruiting you?

Out of all those schools, do you have any favorites - maybe a top five?
"I would say Mississippi State, Clemson, Florida, and Miami."

Are there any reasons why those are your favorites?
"Because they're good schools. I like their work ethics and I think they are great places that I can go and perform."

Who is recruiting you from Mississippi State?
"Coach Hendrick."

What do you think about him?
"I think he is a great person."

Have you been able to keep up with Mississippi State this year?
"Oh yeah, I watch them when I'm here; when I'm not doing anything else."

Have you set up any visits yet?
"Yeah, I got Mississippi State on the 17th of January, Clemson on Jan. 10th, Florida the week after Clemson and I've got Southern Miss on December 14th." (He may have meant the Florida visit is two weeks after Clemson since MSU is on the 17th.-Gene)

Would you be willing to name a leader out of those?
"No, I couldn't do that yet."

Are you going to wait until you visit them to decide that?

Has MSU offered you a scholarship yet?
"Yes, they did."

Are you familiar with their line situation at all?
"Yes, I am. I think it's a good opportunity for me to go in and play early at a division 1 school. It would be a good situation for me."

So is that one thing you're looking at; quick playing time?

Alright, thanks for your time.

Brent Bozeman is a correspondent for Gene's Page. He can be reached by email at bozeman@telepak.net .

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