Looking For a New School

East Mississippi Community College defensive tackle Tim McGee, one of the top junior college defensive tackles in the nation this past season, is looking for another college to attend after finding out Sunday night that he won't be able to attend Minnesota this coming fall.

"I found out on the internet last night that I wasn't going to be able to attend Minnesota this fall," said Tim McGee, who chose Minnesota over Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Memphis. "I read it on Scout.com. I called the Minnesota coach and he told me I didn't get approved by their academic department."

At the time McGee wasn't sure what happened, but after thinking about it he thinks he's got it figured out.

"I found out that I had to retake an English class and the Minnesota coach told me to go to summer school and take it and then I would be ready to come in during the second summer session," said McGee.

But the coach called him back a week or two later and told him the Minnesota academic department had gotten involved in his situation.

"Coach called me and told me their academics had gotten involved and he said he didn't know if they were going to accept me," said McGee.

He was still hopeful he would be approved once he completed the class in the next couple of weeks. Then, he saw the Scout.com story last night.

"I thought everything was going to be straight and I was still going to play there until I saw that story," said McGee.

Although this is a set back for the 6-4.5, 300-pounder, he's optimistic things will still work out.

"When I talked to the (Minnesota) coach he said he would help me find another school," said McGee. "There is a reason that everything happens. Other schools will come after me once they see that I'm available again."

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