Oscar Giangrasso Recruiting Update

[Premium Article] Glendale (CA) CC Tight End Oscar Giangrasso (6-4, 260) talks recruiting with Gene's Page.

I've heard that Mississippi State is recruiting you. Is that correct?
"Yes, that's correct."

What is your height and weight?
"6-4, 260."

Are you originally from California?
"Yeah, born and raised right here in Burbank."

How have you done individually this season?
"I've done pretty good. I'm averaging my pancake (blocks) like usual. I've also caught 6 catches on the season." (This interview was done when his team had played 6 games.

Based on you talking about pancakes I assume you are a pretty good blocking tight end?
"I'm much more of a blocker than (receiver). My team really doesn't throw to the tight ends much."

Normally, linemen get graded. Since you appear to be a blocking tight end, have you gotten graded as well this year?
"Yeah, we get graded on execution and assignment."

How have you done?
"I usually grade out at 89 to 90."

So, you grade out excellent most of the time?
"It depends. Sometimes they line up in different defenses and it varies a little bit."

By the way, can you understand me even though I have a southern accent?
"Yeah, I like the southern accent. Maybe if I come to Mississippi I'll get my own."

Do you remember the last time the MSU coach (John Hendrick) that recruits that area last called you?
"Yeah, it was about 3 weeks ago."

When did Mississippi State first get interested in you?
"I think my coach told them about me and told them how good of a run blocker I am and that I can catch too. They saw film on me and offered me a scholarship."

Oh, they offered you. When did they offer?
"Yeah, my coach told me that they offered me and wanted me to sign with them."

When did they offer you, in the spring or summer?
"It was in the spring. They saw film on me last year. I would like for them to see film of me this year. I think that would make them real happy."

Do you think you are blocking even better this year?
"Oh yeah."

Did you play offensive line or tight end in high school?
"I played offensive line most of the time, but I played tight end my last five games of my senior year."

What is so good about your blocking?
"I don't stop until the whistle blows and I really try to pancake the guy every play."

You keep mentioning pancakes. What are some of the top pancake games that you've had?
"One game last year I had seven. And this year I had one game where I had 6. I average about three and a half per game."

It's kind of surprising that you get so many pancake blocks since you are a tight end.
"I get a lot of one on one blocks against linebackers. My pancakes are usually by myself. I don't have double team pancakes."

You must have pretty quick feet since you go against linebackers and you are getting a lot of pancakes against them?
"Yeah, you have to break them down with your feet or they'll get right by you."

Do you feel you are a pretty good receiver even though they don't appear to throw much to their tight end?
"They don't throw to you very much, so you have to catch it when they do. We are mostly a running team. I have pretty good hands. I haven't dropped any balls that have been thrown directly to me. Last year I caught everything that was thrown to me directly."

Has Mississippi State set up a visit yet?
"Yeah, he told me that he wanted to give me a visit."

Are you going to be a December or May graduate?
"December. I've got one class that I need but I plan on taking it during the winter session, which is a five week session."

What other schools are showing interest in you?
"I have trips (set) to (the University of) Ohio and San Jose State, Northern Arizona and Cal has said they are going to offer me a visit. Nebraska also came through and said they wanted to me my transcripts."

Have you received any other offers besides MSU's?
"San Jose State has offered."

Are all the schools recruiting you as a tight end?
"Yeah. Actually Cal asked my coach if I can play offensive line or d-line too. I played defensive line in high school too."

What is your forty speed?

Do you want to play tight end?
"I would like to play tight end, but I will play wherever the coach wants me to play."

What is it about Mississippi State that you like?
"Everything that I hear about their school is good. They take care of their players."

What do you know about the SEC, the conference that MSU plays in?
"I don't know a lot about it, but I would like to go to the SEC instead of the PAC-10. The SEC is more smash mouth. I'm more of a smash mouth type guy."

You've talked to John Hendrick the coach that is recruiting you for MSU. What is your impression of him?
"He seemed like a real caring guy. A lot of coaches are caring, but he is different. My coach told him about my mom. My mom is sick right now. He seems like he really understands that. He offered a prayer for my mom and I really appreciated that."

I've really enjoyed the interview. I'll call you again soon.

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