Keith Fitzhugh's relationship with teammate Robert Elliott's sister Brittany Elliott, also a Mississippi State student, started out as friends in a class at Mississippi State. But it's gone far beyond that.

"I date Robert Elliott's sister, Brittany Elliott, but I am going to turn her into Brittany Fitzhugh soon, though," said Fitzhugh. "We are engaged and are getting married next May."

He explained how this all came about.

"We took a class together and I used to mess with her in class all the time. She didn't give me the time of the day back then, but then we just kind of got close with one another, spent a lot of time together. Then, we started dating."

And in less than a year they will be husband and wife.

His next situation will be figuring out who his best man will be.

"I've got a lot who could be best man, but I know my dad is, my brother, probably Rob (Elliott), (and fellow teammate) Dominic Douglas," said Fitzhugh.

Getting a girl friend, much less a wife, hasn't always been easy for Keith. Back in his younger days he didn't look like he does today - like the Incredible Hulk.

"I was a real chubby little kid growing up," said Fitzhugh. "Growing up, I was like I can't get any girls, they don't like me because I'm chubby."

Of course, when Fitz says little kid, he's not talking about his teenage years.

"But then, at about nine-years-old, I started playing ball and working out," he said.

And he continued working out once he got to Mississippi State.

"When I got up here I wasn't as defined as I am now, but I was a pretty nice size guy," said Fitzhugh. "But (Mississippi State head strength) Coach Pollard has really gotten us right. I take pride in how I look now."

While appearance is important to him, he realizes the game of football requires more than huge muscles.

"Appearance is one thing, but you still have to perform and you need every part of it in football," said Fitzhugh.

Being the veteran he is, he's to the point to where he has the necessary ingredients needed to be the complete football player. And he's seen a few of the young guys on the team who appear to have the makings of those same type ingredients - Delmon Robinson, Charles Mitchell and Zach Smith.

"I like (freshman wide receiver Delmon Robinson) a lot, "said Fitzhugh. "That young guy has a motor on him. He's always doing what he has to do at 100%. And he has a swagger about him, a lot of confidence in himself. He doesn't mind telling you how he feels out there on the field and he's going to back it up all the time.

"This is how it all started (with Delmon). In the locker room he had a lot of mouth. He said, 'hey Fitz, I'm going to catch the ball and run through you.' I said, 'ok'. Then, when he got out on the field I saw him doing one-on-ones when we had pads on and he was running past some of our corners and catching the ball. So, I'm looking at him in practice and I'm seeing him make spectacular catches."

Two young DBs also fill the same bill, but in different ways.

"(True freshman safety Charles Mitchell) has a winning attitude and he loves sports," said Fitzhugh. "He gets his plays right and he loves to work hard. I've seen him in the locker room the other day. He was the only person in the locker room when I walked in and he's at his locker studying his plays. He said, 'Fitz, I'm just trying to get it,' He's got a great attitude and he's just a great, down-to-earth guy."

"(Sophomore safety) Zach (Smith) is Zach. He's always going to give his best at all times. And he loves to bring the pain. But he loves to have fun, too. He loves to come to you and say, 'brother, come give me a hug, show me some love.' "

With such a great and varied combination of talented players, this year's Mississippi State football team could very easily live up to the high expectations fans, coaches and players have. And the only thing that would top it off for Keith Fitzhugh would be his May, 2009 marriage to Brittany Elliott.

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