Q&A With Safety De'Mon Glanton

A Q&A with fifth-year senior defensive back De'Mon Glanton.

You are a fifth year senior and, obviously, one of the older guys on the team. I noticed that you are trying to be more of a leader this year. Is that something that comes natural to you or something that you've had to work at?
"I think it is pretty natural for me to be a leader. If you do the right thing, everybody else looks at you and follows your example. And as a senior, you have to take that leadership role and teach the young guys what is wrong and what is right."

You come from a big city, Atlanta. Living in a small town like Starkville for most of the year, is it an adjustment when you go back to Atlanta to visit your family?
"It's a pretty big adjustment when I go home now. Around here, I go to the movies and things like that, but I don't really go out much when I'm home. When I go home, I'm really just kicking with the family."

How often do you go to the movies? And what movies do you like to watch?
"I go to the movies a lot. I like the action movies and the comedy movies. I saw the Dark Knight. It was long but it was pretty good."

You go against another veteran in practice every day - senior wide receiver Jamayel Smith. The coaches say he's the top receiver on the squad right now. How tough is it to cover him?
"I study him a lot because I see him every day and because he's the top receiver that we have right now. As for covering him, I see him every day, so it's easier for me to cover him than another cornerback or safety to cover him."

How has Jamayel helped you be a better defensive back?
"He gives me the best moves getting off the line, pushing off, everything. He's the complete receiver. When I go against him I'm getting the best of the best. So, when I go into a game, it's pretty much easier to check another receiver."

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