MSU head football coach Jackie Sherrill talks to the media about his team's 26-19 loss to Arkansas Saturday afternoon."> MSU head football coach Jackie Sherrill talks to the media about his team's 26-19 loss to Arkansas Saturday afternoon.">

Jackie Sherrill Postgame Press Conference

<img src="" align="left" width="121" height="160"> MSU head football coach Jackie Sherrill talks to the media about his team's 26-19 loss to Arkansas Saturday afternoon.

Opening Comments:

"I appreciate the effort the players gave. They certainly played for 60 minutes. They gave great effort."

"We didn't have Mario (Haggan) and Tommy Kelly. That hurt us inside to stop them from doing what they do best and that is running the football."

Q&A with Jackie Sherrill:

Will Kyle (York) start against Ole Miss?
"We haven't even gotten through with this game yet. Kyle came in and played well. We didn't protect Kevin (Fant) a couple of times and we should have."

Considering that Kevin is banged up and the spark that Kyle has provided, why would he not be considered as having a chance to start next week?
"I'm sure he is, but you are asking questions (that can't be answered) until we see how many kids are hurt. There are a lot of things that we have to see (about) first."

How do you think Kevin (Fant) played today?
"I think he started the game well. He took the two drives down the field and made some very good throws. He had the one throw high on the slant pattern. But I thought he did a good job. He started the game and executed and did the things we asked him to do."

Did he hold the ball too long on the safety?
"No, the guard and center didn't pick up there stack."

Talk about the play of wide receiver Antonio Hargro today.
"I'm glad to see something positive happen for him."

What was your thinking when it was 26-12 and you went for two?
"That was just a gut feeling at that time. We were trying to catch up in the game. That was a decision that we made at that time. (Even after that play) you still had a position in the game to go for two to win it."

Were you surprised how well they ran the ball against you?
"They are pretty big upfront. They have the ability to do a lot of things. They are good. They are probably the biggest group that we've played."

Do you feel your team came out flat today?
"I don't know if it was flat. We didn't play very well at a couple of positions early."

What is the status of Dontae Walker. He walked off the field early in the game.
"You are asking questions where we haven't even gotten out of this locker room yet."

Did he have your permission to leave the field?
"Guys, I'm going to ask you politely to ask those questions after a day and after we get out of the locker room. I'll be glad to talk about it, but right now is not the time. You need to talk about the guys that played today and the guys that gave effort."

Talk about your seniors as a whole?
"This group of seniors really have a lot of endurance. There is no question that this group will be very, very successful. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to overcome some things to put enough points on the board to win. Every game we've played, we've played all the way down to the end."

Will you have Mario and Tommy for the Ole Miss game?
"Yes, both of those guys will play. I think we will have everybody back."

Was it a gametime decision with Mario today?
"Yes, he just couldn't go. Four more days will make a big difference (in him healing)."

What was the difference in your offense in the 4th quarter?
"We still ran it, but we just made plays. That was the biggest thing, we were making some plays."

What about the crowd exiting in the second quarter and kind of continued throughout the game?
"It is not any different than it is at Arkansas or anywhere else. I've been at Arkansas when they left the stadium too. They left it a lot quicker than our people left."

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