Has Career Options When College Is Over

Mississippi State senior fullback Brandon Hart has several career options when his college football career is over.

I recently noticed Brandon Hart coaching the new fullbacks while his position coach, Rockey Felker, was helping with the special teams.

"The fullbacks are on special teams, but not on field goals and punts, and we have a bunch of freshmen fullbacks, so we walk them through a couple of plays and show them the correct techniques," said Brandon, who is helped by another senior fullback, Eric Hoskins.

"We really started doing this this fall because the (freshmen) fullbacks just got here. Now that they are here, we have to show them what to do and teach them what we know."

It's part of being a senior and a leader on the team.

"I feel real comfortable doing that since I've been here four years and I feel I know what I'm doing," said Brandon.

With his college career about to come to an end, it never hurts to prepare yourself for your post-college career. And this little excursion into coaching the freshmen fullbacks gives him the opportunity to get a little experience in the coaching arena, one of several options that he will look at once his senior season has concluded.

"Whatever opportunity comes first, I want to do whatever I can to help somebody (no matter if) it's football, coaching, a 9 to 5 job or barbering," said Brandon.


"I really want to be a barber," said Brandon. "That's what I do - I cut hair. I've been cutting hair for about eight years, since I was a freshman in high school."

And he's even been doing it for money for the past two years.

"I've been cutting hair (for money) for two years, ever since I got my license," said Brandon, who works for his stepfather back in LaGrange, Georgia during the time he's off in the summer. "I got an apprenticeship under my mother about two years ago. My mother is a beautician and my step daddy is a barber."

And if you want to see his talent as a barber you need look no further than to a teammate of his - Co-Eric Riley.

"I did Co-Eric's haircut," said Brandon.

And he's got his scissors pointed toward another teammate - freshman defensive end Renaldo Buck.

"I didn't cut (Renaldo's hair)," said Brandon. "I tried to get him to let me do it, but he wouldn't because he didn't know I can cut hair. But I'll get him the next time."

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