Monday Afternoon Football Updates

Coach Woody McCorvey did attend practice and the QB meeting. Media was told not to take photos of him, but from a distance he looked OK and both Wesley Carroll and Tyson Lee said they were thrilled to have their coach back. "He's more upbeat than most of the guys around him," Carroll said.

Asked if McCorvey had criticized any of his interim 'coordinating' last week, Croom chuckled. "If he did, he didn't say anything about it!"

"He watched practice today. He got all the video--theirs and ours--at home to stay up on the gameplan. We've taken some things out and adjusted some things and kept him aware on a daily basis. So he should know what we're doing."

*Carroll and Lee said they have not been told, directly, that a two-QB system will be used in the opener. But both are OK with it. Carroll noted that even after mid-season last year there were times Mike Henig was put in and it didn't hurt so he expects no problems if there is a rotation this time either.

*HB Wade Bonner was in limited-yellow with that hip flexor problem, but still practicing. And not a single defensive guy was in purple. As strength coach Ben Pollard cynically quipped, it's the 'miracle' healing that happens when camp ends and game-week begins. Guys suddenly, incredibly feel a lot better for some strange reason.

*Derek Sherrod was supposed to get out of the hospital today. "We expect him to probably participate on Thursday," Croom said.

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