Coach Sylvester Croom

MSU head coach Sylvester Croom talks about Southeastern Louisiana, some of his wide receivers and the freshmen who played during the Louisiana Tech game.

Talk about Southeastern Louisiana's offense.
"They run what everybody is referring to as a spread offense. They are very multiple. They run some two back sets, but most of it is one back with three wide receivers. They run two backs and three wide receivers, two tight ends with two receivers.

"Their quarterback is throwing the ball very well. They have good receivers. Their runner, Lucas, is a big-time runner. But their quarterback is what makes it go, he's a big guy, 6-5. He can see well and he does a good job checking off when he doesn't have what he wants upfield. But he has a big arm and get the ball down the field."

What are your thoughts about how Brandon McRae played in the Louisiana Tech game?
"Brandon played very well and played so fast. He had a slant pattern that I thought he had broken. And he had the big run on the reverse that was called back. He was open several other times for huge plays, but we just didn't get him the ball. He did his job.

"Aubrey Bell also played well. Those guys made plays the entire night and played with great effort. I think it's one of the best performances that our wide receivers have had."

How did Delmon Robinson, Sean Ferguson, Nelson Hurst, Charles Mitchell and Bo Walters do?
"(Delmon) on just about every play that came to him he made the play. On one play he ran a bad route and still came up and made the play. He was out of balance when he came out of his break, but he still found a way to make the play. That's something about him that he has. He's still got a lot to learn and is nowhere near where he needs to be.

"Sean (Ferguson) did some good things. We thought he held his own, but he still has to get a lot stronger in the run. A lot of that is because he's not the biggest guy in the world.

"I didn't think Nelson played quite as fast and he had a couple of mental mistakes. But he was aware of them, so I think he will get better from that.

"Charles Mitchell played well on some kicking situations. He did an excellent job on kickoff coverage. He didn't play as much on defense, but he will get more playing time as time goes on.

"Bo has done a tremendous job as a freshman. He got a few snaps in the game the other night and did some good things."

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