Bulldog Player Post-Game Quotes

SAFETY KEITH FITZHUGH -- On wearing Jamar Chaney's #22: "Because that's my brother. He was taking it hard and we've always been close. I would want him to do the same thing for me. When I spent the night with him at the hospital I talked to him about it. He was OK. We might just pass it on, everybody I think in the senior class should wear it just to show we do love him.

"#22 is not going to be missed but Jamar is going to be missed, he's the player inside the uniform."

Coach called Derek Pegues the Mercedes of the defense, so what are you? "I'll be the BMW. He can be the Mercedes 600 series, I can be the BMW 750!"

On Pegues' return: "He keeps us with I guess you could say a swagger, and a lot of confidence knowing you can do anything. He brought a lot of that to the table tonight."

On the strong safeties playing as linebackers more tonight: "I don't mind it, wherever Coach Cheese (Charlie Harbison) puts me to play, I'm going to play. The Good Lord gave me the ability to go up in the box and tackle, and I don't mind."

On ‘coverage' sacks: "We could say it went both ways, the defensive line wanted to get to the quarterback and the secondary wanted to cover there men. So it went both ways. They did a lot of tricky stuff, that was hard. I have to give them credit for coming with a good gameplan."

"I know Coach (Melvin) Smith had our corners up to the best possible ability they've got and they can cover anybody in the country I think. So we have a great group of guys out there."

On preparing for SEC play with Auburn: "We're going to watch film and see what they run, what they've got going on, and come out with whatever the coaches' gameplan is. And to come out victorious and do what we have to do."

SAFETY DEREK PEGUES – "I think we played real well. They told me before that 70-yard pass we had them under 100 yards passing and 27 yards rushing. So I think we did pretty a pretty good job. We've got some plays we can get better at, and we've got to get better this week because we know Auburn's going to give us everything they've got."

How he felt playing again: "Oh, man, I was amped-up. I was about to hyperventilate before the game. It was the first game of my senior year and I was ready to get out there, and really ready to hit somebody on the other side instead of players on our team."

How his presence helped the team's confidence: "I wouldn't say my presence did too much. Those guys went out there and they did what they do; the d-line was getting a lot of pressure on them and getting their hands up, batting balls down. I think the secondary communicated well, so all-in-all we did a good job. I don't think it was just because of me."

How SE Louisiana's offense challenged them with two quick first downs: "We really had to calm down. You know, everybody's going to the spread now and it's lot of one-on-one tackles in there. So we had to do a better job of tackling, and when we finally calmed down I think we handled it pretty good."

On a character test this week for the team: "I see we can bounce back from anything. Since I've been here we've been through a lot of adversity and I think that's one of the best things we do, handle adversity. The biggest part was having some success, I don't think we handled that very well. But we had a great week of practice and I think it showed on the field."

On hearing Coach Croom call him the ‘Mercedes' of the team: "I was laughing, talking to Fitz and laughing."

DEFENSIVE END TIM BAILEY – "Of course we were disappointed from last week. We had a great week of practice and it really showed, I was telling guys we just needed to take it one play at a time and do you own assignments and the results will come out."

On shutting SELa down in the second quarter: "Once we got into the groove of the game we knew we were better than those guys. We came out fired-up. And the offense did a tremendous job all night."

How the odd-front put responsibilities on the defensive ends: "It puts more pressure on, because the guard can come over and block. We really had the gameplan, it put more people in the secondary and it really was a lot of coverage sacks, what people don't know. All the d-line, we just had a good motor and kept going and that's how we were able to get sacks and block balls."

TIGHT END AUSTIN WILBANKS – "I had a good week of practice. Marcus (Green) is banged-up a little bit so I got a chance to come in and step up and do my job. I was hoping to back-up a little bit, I was in on goal-lines an in back-up."

"I caught the ball and everybody went crazy, I figured I'd scored! The last time I scored a touchdown was at Mississippi College, the fall of '05. I don't even remember who we were playing. I played one year and transferred. I caught two touchdowns there."

"This week in our goal line most of our passing plays had me going out on a route. He called the play and I just ran my right, and Wes just flipped it to me."

Was he expecting the pass? "No, that's why I bobbled it! I was ready to crack-back on the guy following him, and he just kind of Brett Farve-flipped it to me and I caught it! It was like an option, just a little flip."

Is that in the playbook now? – "I hope!"

His role now – "I'm the oldest of our tight ends and I just try to be a leader. I try to know everything I'm supposed to do, if any of our guys have questions I try to be there."

WIDE RECEIVER BRANDON McRAE – "I just tried to have a good night."

Were most of his catches called for him? "Most of the plays were not even designed for me. If the defense is playing back he was going to toss the ball at me and just make something happen. But the plays that were really run plays, the ball just happened to come my way."

On 1-on-1 coverage the wide receivers got: "We had Christian and Anthony running the ball really hard and really well, they were bringing the corners up and we were just gashing them."

"It felt good, like we're a complete offense now. And it just feels great."

HALFBACK ANTHONY DIXON – Did you know you tied the touchdowns record? "I didn't even know that coming into the game. I was coming in to establish the ground game like coach wanted to."

On getting ready for Auburn: "It's going to be a lot of emotion when we get out there next Saturday and I can't wait. We know they're coming in here for revenge and we're trying to build on something special. So I guess we've got two big things getting ready to clash on Saturday."

QUARTERBACK WESLEY CARROLL – "I think we did a lot of good things tonight. Obviously that was evident with how much we scored. But two fumbles, that's two too many. And we've got to come up with some more plays, especially in the passing game. Put that on my shoulders. I know these receivers are capable of making big plays like they did tonight, we're going to need a couple more down the road in SEC games to keep drives going."

"I think we did better on third down. Brandon McRae had a couple of great catches on third down, on some short crossing routes. Obviously our backs ran the ball extremely well. It just seemed we had a balanced offense tonight."

On the touchdown throw to Austin Willbanks with 10 seconds left: "We wanted to pass in case it wasn't there, so we could throw it away and end up running another play. We still had a timeout so we knew we could run another play. We rolled-out, I think they tackled the fullback and he was actually the first look! There I see 84 pop wide open and give him a little Brett Favre pitch! It's great for him and it was a big, emotional play, especially going into the half."

The pass to Green that got the first touchdown drive going: "The way the defense lined up, obviously Co-Eric Riley is the first look on that play. But it looked a little cloudy, I shuffled my feet and went to the tight end and he obviously made a great catch. I didn't see it, I got the wind knocked out of me on that play."

"Brandon McRae made some great plays. He's reliable, he's always going to be in the right spot and do his assignment, we're on the same page."

"We had a lot of pressure on us. We lost the first game and didn't play like ourselves. Fortunately you've got the next game, we came out and played Mississippi State football. Offensively, defensively, kicking game."

"But we can be a lot better, we left too many points on the field. We had a missed field goal and had missed opportunities to continue drives. We're going to be a lot better, but this was a good stepping-stone."

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