One on One With Brandon McRae

Mississippi State junior wide receiver Brandon McRae talks one on one with Gene's Page.

Have you ever had 8 catches in a game prior to this past weekend?
"No, the most would probably be four. Every team that I have been on was a running team and they didn't really throw the ball that much. And if they did throw it, it was a just a fade or post route to me."

What are you doing differently this year compared to last year?
"I used to be nervous around the coaches, worrying about messing up. Now, I don't worry about messing up. I just go out there and play relaxed. And this year, I am concentrating more.

"And during the summer me and the other wide receivers, Aubrey Bell, Jamayel Smith and Co-Eric Riley, got with (quarterbacks) Wes (Carroll) and Tyson (Lee) and threw extra. I tried to catch at least 100 balls a day just to better myself. I knew I let my team down last year by not performing to my full ability. This year, I'm trying to make it up to them by doing my best to help us win."

When did you notice that you weren't nervous around the coaches?
"Basically, it was at the start of this past camp. I was like just go out and play and let it go if I made a mistake. Before, I used to dwell on it and I was scared to go back in because I was afraid I would mess up again. Now, I just let it go."

Were you like that at other places you played or has it only been here?
"Here because this is a four-year college and the SEC. That made me nervous."

How much have the past two games helped your confidence?
"They have helped me a lot. All those things that Coach Croom has told me I'm starting to believe. At first, when he told me that I could be a great receiver I was like he's probably just pulling my leg. But now I actually believe him. And if I continue to work hard I can probably achieve my goals and one day be the best."

Auburn is not Louisiana Tech or Southeastern Louisiana. So, why do you think you can do the same thing against Auburn?
"I don't want to brag but I think I can only stop myself. That's really all I can say."

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