"Moving The Ball Wasn't The Problem"

SAFETY DEREK PEGUES: How is the leg? "It'll be alright. I injured it a little bit last week and it gave me a couple of problems today, but with a week of treatment it'll be alright. It's my ankle."

How difficult was playing position against the option? "It's hard. I ran an option offense in high school and you have to read your key every play. And if one man slips up, you saw out there it can be a touchdown any time. They just made plays and we didn't. We've got to get back to practice and in the film room and try to correct our mistakes."

Could you see any problems early on the first drive? "It's like I said, it was missed assignments by us. Missed assignments by me and everybody out there. We have to get that corrected to be a good defensive team, we have to be consistent. And today we weren't consistent."

Did you feel prepared? "Yeah, I felt prepared. But like I said, I ran it in high school. And you'll never get a look (in practice) exactly like you're going to get in a game. They executed real well, and they just made plays."

Did you notice any changes with the different quarterbacks? "No, they didn't change anything. They stayed with the same thing. I think he'd been getting a lot of reps in practice, it looked that way, and he came in and executed as well as the first guy."

QUARTERBACK WESLEY CARROLL: What happened on the first series with the bad snap? "I think he must have thought I was under-center, that's why it came out the angle it did. You can't let that happen, especially at a crucial time. He's not used to making those mistakes and I'm sure it will never happen again."

Between that and the false starts, what do you chalk that up to? "The thing about mental errors, those are really the easiest to correct. Because we have the physical ability to play, we have the athletes on the field and plenty of talent to play with anyone. It's just we're making too many mental errors and missed assignments."

Can you explain why those are happening? "It's hard to explain without watching the film why these thigns are happening. And they really shouldn't be happening. We repped the same plays over and over practice and worked them to a ‘t'. We're just not executing the way we need to when game-time comes."

It seemed #93 was in the backfield all day, how tough was he? "From what we'd studied he is a heck of an athlete. I mean, just one of those freakish bodies. They had a real strong pass rush and their front four played real well. But they didn't beat us, we're just continuing to beat ourselves. And as soon as we stop doing that we're going to win some ball games. And we still feel confident in what we're doing."

As far as playing you and Tyson today, has that plan changed any? "It doesn't matter who is in there, we have to find a way to win. If we have to put a running back back there, a wide receiver, it does not matter. We have to find a way to win. And everybody understands that, nobody on any position—especially the quarterback—is selfish to say that somebody should be playing. Because, bottom line, all 11 guys have to play well for a play to be successful. It's not the physical ability on t he field that's hurting us; it's mental errors and missed assignments. We'll get them corrected and get ready for LSU."

You get 1st-and-goal and don't score, how tough was that to take? "It hurt us a lot. We're used to scoring when we get inside the ten. Anthony had a great run, then he put it on the five the next play. Then we put it on the half-yard line, and we didn't get it in. Once again I think it was a missed assignment, it wasn't that we weren't able to pound the ball in. It was just a missed assignment."

"There's no reason to get too worried right now because we're still just one loss in the SEC and that's what is most important to look at right now. If we come back and play well against LSU and win that game, we're still in the hunt in the West. That's what is most important to understand and take from a game like this."

Talk of what Brandon McRae brought to the game. "He's a phenomenal athlete, a great player, he studies the game, he's always where he needs to be. That's just a huge asset. He's played real well and I think all the receivers have rallied around that and played well."

"And down the road here we're going to be the offense that we are capable of being. Maybe it didn't happen today, it hasn't happened in the last couple of games like we wanted to. But I think we're still just a couple of series away from having the the success we want. Moving the ball wasn't the problem, it was completing drives. That was our problem, finishing when we needed to. We just didn't."

"Everything the defense did we expected them to do, our gameplan was perfect, we executed real well the first four or five plays of the drive, and then we'd stall. It's been an ongoing problem the last couple of games and we just have to get that corrected. As soon as we do we'll be a lot more efficient and won't stall and end drives."

HALFBACK ANTHONY DIXON: How did you feel after last week? "I felt about 80%. But I'm playing football."

If you were 100% would you have finished the long run? "Yeah, I would have stretched-out and been in the end zone. But he caught me, it is what it is."

Were you ready for the first play after your long run to go again? "I was ready to run. It was kind of tough, I thought I was going to get past them but they played good football and were out there."

What was the call on 3rd-and-goal at the half-yard line? "We were supposed to run 92-iso, that's straight up the A-gap. But the dude came over the A-gap, I tried to do what I could but he was there quick on me."

How is the mentality, being able to drive and not finish them off? "It's very depressing to walk off the field and not have points. But at the same time we have to do what we can to keep each other up and keep it positive."

"It was there, it's just things weren't going our way. They were stopping us, they made more plays than us."

OFFENSIVE TACKLE QUINTON SAULSBERRY: "I guess it was another day at work. I was always told there were going to be days like this. I don't use as a handicap being a young player because everybody is on scholarship. You're on scholarship, you have a duty. So I want to take personal responsibility for the things I didn't do."

"We have to regroup, we've got LSU next week. And I can't dwell on the mistakes I made this weekend, all I have to do is get better."

Was there anything technical about their pass-rush you did not expect? "They did a couple of things, a couple of twists. And things we saw in practice. With me, it was a couple of techniques; I lost my technique, I take responsibility for that."

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR CHARLIE HARBISON: How would you grade the defense's performance? "Well, we lost the game, we gave up 38 points. So the grade isn't too good right now. I don't have to look at the film to see we didn't play good enough."

Did GaTech do anything unexpected? "No. The thing is, they executed and there are some things I have to look at to see the breakdowns. I felt good on preparation, and once I see the film I'll know where the breakdowns were."

Was there any difference when Shaw replaced Nesbitt? "They run the offense regardless of who is in there. And they made plays."

What made their receivers so effective tying-up State's safeties and corners? "Well, once I see the film we'll see how we played the block. But they did a good job."

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