The Quest Begins Halloween Night

With Mississippi State fans excited about the arrival of new head baseball coach John Cohen and his exceptional staff, there is no better time to show that excitement to John, his players and his coaches than this Friday night beginning at 6:30. And when MSU baseball wins its first National Championship under John Cohen, you can say you were there when that quest began.

Tyler Bratton, MSU's Director of Baseball Operations, talks about the upcoming Maroon and White World Series, Halloween Night and Friday's Dugout Club dinner.

In the past, the final series of the fall was called the Banana Split Series. What will this year's series be called?
"It will be called the Maroon and White World Series. It will be a Maroon team versus a White team with one team in one dugout and the other team in the other dugout. And they'll play a five-game series. We did a draft among the coaches to make the teams as even as possible."

When will the games be played?
"We will have a game on Wednesday, another one on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And the additional game, if they are tied up two to two, will be a three-inning playoff game on Sunday after the fourth game."

Halloween is Friday. Are you doing anything special that night?
"That game will be around 6:30 pm. And we are really promoting it because we want our fans to be involved. We are going to have a lot of our Diamond Girls here and they are going to bring candy for the trick or treaters. And with the football game and the exhibition basketball game Saturday we hope several thousand of our fans who will be here for those two games will come see us play Friday night and bring their kids for Halloween Night. We also hope to have a lot of the students show up for the game.

"Our Diamond Girls are really looking forward to this as is our team. Obviously, this wraps up our fall practics, so we want to go out with a bang with a huge crowd of Bulldog fans Friday night."

Will the game cost anything to attend?
"It's free admission."

When will the Diamond Girls be giving out the candey?
"We will have some of the Diamond Girls in the crowd with the candy passing it out to the young trick or treaters."

Should the kids wear their Halloween costumes?
"If they want to enhance the fan experiences they can, but it's not required."

Will these be regular nine-inning games?
"Yes, they will be nine-inning games and straight baseball. And we hope with a crowd of several thousand fans it will give us a great game-type atmosphere."

Isn't there also going to be a Dugout Club Dinner Friday night prior to the game?
"Yes, there will be a Dugout dinner Friday night beginning at 6 pm. It's going to be a nice meal. Cappe's will cater it for us. We do this once in the fall and once in the spring. We anticipate a lot of Dugout Club members enjoying the dinner, then watching the game afterwards."

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