Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer Research

Mississippi State Director of Athletics Greg Byrne talks about what the Mississippi State athletic department will be doing to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer research during Saturday's football game between MSU and Kentucky.

According to the MSU athletic department site, "the MSU athletic department, in conjunction with members of the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, will be distributing pink ribbons to fans entering the stadium. Pink ribbons will also be painted on the field of play and coaches will wear pink wristbands. The Mississippi State football team will don helmets featuring a specially-designed M-State logo with a pink ribbon incorporated. Some of those helmets and wristbands will be auctioned on the official MSU website www.mstateathletics.com, with all proceeds going to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure."

How did this idea come about?
"When we were brainstorming about different ideas about this football seasons and things we would like to do promotionally, that was brought up as an idea. Although there has been a lot of things done in support of Breast Cancer Awareness throughout intercollegiate athletics, to our knowledge it had not been done on the football level. We talked to Coach Croom about it and he was interested in doing something."

Why Breast Cancer Awareness?
"It's obviously a disease that has affected millions of people across the world and a lot of people in our own state. We have even had people in our own (athletic) department who have battled the disease. And a lot of us have had family members who have battled the disease."

What's been the reaction since you made it public that you are going to be doing this?
"Since we decided to do it, we have heard a lot of positive responses from our fans who are excited that we have taken a step in this matter."

What exactly will you be doing during the game to help raise awareness?
"We are doing a number of different things. The sorority Zeta Tau Alpha has partnered with us. They will hand out (cancer awareness) ribbons prior to the game. We (have painted) the ribbons on the helmets and on the field. And our coaches will show support as well by wearing (cancer resarch) sweat bands and ribbons during the game. We'll also have some announcements about it during the game."

Scott Stricklin "(One announcement will be) we will recognize cancer survivors during the game." (Scott's mother-in-law is one of the 50 survivors that will be recognized)

Greg Byrne "The goal is to have 50 survivors, one representing each state."

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