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Mississippi State and Centenary head coaches, Rick Stansbury and Grey Gary, talk about Mississippi State's 77-55 victory over Centenary Saturday afternoon in Humphrey Coliseum.

Centenary Head Coach Greg Gary

Thoughts about Mississippi State.
"I know one thing, they have some good shooters. They do a good job hitting open shots. We tried several defenses to kind of offset them a little bit. We were just trying to mix up some defenses because talent-wise State is very, very good. (Dee) Bost is a very good player. They are new, but like I told our players, Coach Stansbury has done a heck of a job (at State). He has averaged 20 wins in his eleven years here. They lost two really good players, but they are always going to come back with other good players.

"We knew they could shoot the ball. We just tried to change up defenses to make Bost think a little bit more. But he did a heck of a job. a heck of a job. He got it to the shooters and they do what they do - they shoot the ball and they crash the boards. They flat out took it to us."

What do you like about Dee Bost?
"His speed. He has pretty good speed and really good control of the ball. That speed and the way he controls the ball, that is impressive. And obviously he can shoot. You have to respect that. He is a good really all-around good player. He can do everything."

Mississippi State Head Coach Rick Stansbury

Opening Statement
"We knew we were going to see some zone and we hadn't worked against a lot of zone, which was good for us. It was the kind of zone, 1-3-1, that you don't see a lot. I thought we didn't attack the zone very well the first half. I didn't think the ball went inside on the dribble or the pass. And if we were passing it, we were just floating it around the perimeter, soft passes.

"In the second half, we were much better. I thought we moved it around and got it inside and got (Ravern Johnson) for some open shots.

"But the thing I was probably the most pleased about was defensively, for the first time, our kids, a bunch of new guys, took the scouting report into the game. We didn't get beat on the backcut that much. And if we did, Jarvis (Varnado) was there to erase it. And I think until I went zone we hadn't given up but 40 points. We gave up five threes in the last five or six minutes just because we were in the zone."

What are you thoughts about Ravern's overall game today?
"I don't ever question Rav's shooting. We want him to shoot. The reason he got shots is because we did a better job of attacking the zone. In the first half, we floated it around. That's not the players fault. I'll take responsibility for that because we just haven't worked on it.

"But he can shoot the basketball. He has to continue to get better in all those other little things. And he is getting better at them. He's got to continue to get tougher, he's got to continue to put the ball on the floor and get it to the rim. He's got to be a passer, too. You can't be a one-dimensional player if you want to be as good as you can be."

What are your thoughts about your bench play?
"That second bunch, there are two or three things about them. The first thing that jumps out is they have some toughness. Elgin (Bailey) is a tough guy. Phil (Turner) is a tough guy. And Jacquiese (Holcombe) is a tough guy. You lose a little bit of skill level and the ability to do a few other things, but you gain some toughness.

"We have to get Elgin to slow down. He gets some shots. But we have to get him to slow down. It's not about effort (with him). And I love guys who play with the effort that he plays with."

What are your thoughts about Kodi Augustus' play?
"I thought it was ok, nothing special, just ok. It was about what I expected it to be since it was really the first time he has played. He's like a freshman because he hasn't played any. He made the mistakes I thought he would make. I can't say I was disappointed or pleased. He's got to get better, got to get tougher. Those things stand out in my mind. And it was a little bit of a tough game for him because he hadn't played against the zone and he had to figure out what to do for the first time."

What about his defense? That was something you've said he needed to work on to get playing time this year.
"I thought he tried. I thought he made a good effort at trying. If you are asking me was it perfect, no, it wasn't perfect. Will I sleep well with his effort and his toughness, nope? But his play was about what I expected. He's got to get better. And he's improved. He's a lot better than he used to be."

Why did you start Kodi today?
"When Brian sprained his ankle on Tuesday, Ro (Romero Osby) was sick on Monday and Tuesday. Kodi was the next guy in line for it, so he started. We''ll see if that continues.

"With Brian out, that will allow Kodi and Ro to get some playing time. And that will help us somewhere down the road sometime."

What are some things you expect from this team?
"We need to establish some people the same every night. Jarvis Varnado needs to be the same every night. Barry Stewart has to be consistent for us. And those two guys led us tonight. From there, there are some guys who have the ability to step up and have big nights. Ravern has the ability to step up and have a big night. I think Dee Bost does. He may not jump up and those 20-point nights, but there are nights he's capable.

"I don't think we are going to be a one-two type punch. We are going to be more balanced. I think we have ten guys on this team who can come in and give you certain things at certain times against certain people. We definitely have much more balance."

What is your injury update?
"We will be without Brian for the seven-game stretch. After that, we have a week before we play Alabama State. We hope to have him back by then. Twany (Beckham), the best we can hope for is next Saturday. We are going to be cautious with him. He's a guy who I think will help us a bunch. I like Twany Beckham. And I think our team needs what he brings. He brings some strength and some toughness."

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