Bulldog Player Post-Game Quotes

QUARTERBACK TYSON LEE: "We know that we're not bowl eligible now. But we've got two games left and we're given the opportunity to play football and God has given us the ability. And I hope each person realizes that these two games, whether it's for a national championship or just to win out, that we have enough character to finish out strong."

Q: What did you think of Alabama overall rated #1 in the nation? "I think they're well-deserving of it. They have playmakers and their defense played a great game tonight. And when you have that, and an offense that can move the ball, it makes you a good team. So as far as being #1, I give them all the credit for the games they have played and for the game they played tonight."

Q: What made their defense so effective in the second half? "I think just their schemes and disguising a lot. They brought a lot of different things. And they have a lot of different guys that make plays. When it comes to bringing different guys and playmakers, when you have those two things it can be hard on offense."

Q: In the first half you could run and find open receivers; what changed in the second half? "I think they probably worked on that as far as scramble-drills. Once the quarterback is outside the pocket stay with your man. And that's what good teams does, and what you do in good man-to-man coverage. No matter if the quarterback is outside the pocket or in the pocket you stay with your man, and that's what they did tonight."

Q: You had to feel encouraged in the first half when things seemed to be going well. "You know, they did. We established some thing in the first half, we were moving the ball, and we felt when the second half came out we had a chance. That first drive of the second half was a big drive for us, we just didn't make the plays we needed to in order to keep Alabama on their heels."

"They did a good job covering people. Once you get outside the pocket you want to look downfield and make plays. But then again you don't want to hurt yourself by trying to force something. You don't want to hurt yourself by doing too much."

"Alabama has a great defensive front. We talked all week about trying to establish the line of scrimmage and I thought our o-line did a really good job tonight. Their linebackers and safeties played downhill throughout the game and when they do that they can make plays."

Q: Did you have a good view of the touchdown? "Yes, I did. Jamayel made a great catch. I got flushed out of the pocket and was able to put it up, I saw him behind the defender. He made a wonderful catch."

DEFENSIVE END TIM BAILEY: Q: Talk about taking on their offensive line. "The first half we did a pretty good job. I think we kind of let up in the second half a little bit. Also I think our Achilles' heel was in special teams, it definitely changed the outcome of the game."

Q: With bowl eligibility gone do you wonder about the team mindset? "I'm quite sure everybody is disappointed. But the thing we have to do, and one thing this team has is pride. We played our butts off tonight, but we made some critical errors. Especially in special teams. We've got to go back to practice next week and do the best we can to correct that and get ready for Arkansas."

Q: You got pressure on John Wilson and he stepped up and made gains. "Yeah, that's one thing he did tonight. He was moving around in the pocket pretty good, he made plays that kind of hurt us. Especially in t third down situations, it gave them a fresh set of downs and hurt us. Because he had great mobility tonight."

LINEBACKER DOMINC DOUGLAS: "We didn't execute tonight. Especially in special teams, we gave them 16 points in special teams. And I think they ran one back and scored on offense. So it was a lot of miscues, we just didn't execute tonight."

Q: Talk about the pace of the second half. "It went by fast. We couldn't get anything established, passing and running. Offense and defense. We tried our best to stop them and they kicked field goals which added to the score."

"But all-around we have to play better than we've been playing. That's the bottom line."

Q: Was there any emphasis on defense coming in? "We knew we had to stop the run. They've got a lot of powerful running backs and the offensive line is pretty good. So we knew we had to stop the run. Me, personally, I thought we did a pretty good job tonight, I think they had one break-out run of probably 40 or 50 yards. But other than that I thought we did pretty good on the run. The pass, we probably gave up two or three long-yard passes. I mean all around we did good but we've still got to do something to help the offense out."

"We really didn't blitz much. I mean they had a pretty good offensive line, don't get me wrong. But a couple of our defensive linemen got back there, we just didn't get Wilson down. A couple of times that hurt us. He's a playmaker and playmakers make plays. So it didn't surprise any. But we have to be better on tackling and our pursuit angles and get him down."

Q: What was the halftime attitude only down 12-7? "We felt like we were on top. We felt we could have pulled out some more plays and executed well and could have did even better. But we ended up being down on special teams, and they broke some of the runs they did, that's what got us down. We've just got learn from every mistake we've made this year and come up on the positive side going into Arkansas next week."

"A win is a win. We're not going to be bowl-eligible so we can't even look at that. We just have to play for pride and play for respect. That's what we're looking forward to the next two games."

CENTER D.J. LOONEY: When did you find out you would start? "I've known for, I think they put it in Monday of the open week. I knew, but I wasn't officially told until Friday when I went in and looked and it was on power-point. It's great to come home and start in front of your family and friends, I wish I could have been better for my guys. But it was a great feeling to come out and play at Bryant-Denny Stadium."

Q: What was it like matching up with Terrance Cody? "He's a big guy, a great SEC football player, and it was a battle.

Q: Was it excitement that caused that early snap when Tyson was just walking to the line to make a call? "Yeah, well, the noise level was very loud. Alabama's fans were cheering as they always do, I couldn't hear. That's on me, I wasn't focused. I have to be focused in that situation and not panic and not snap the ball right there. It was my fault, we weren't ready yet."

Q: There was a stretch in the first half you took the game to them when the punts didn't have you backed up. "Yeah, I thought we did. I thought when we got field position we got on them. And had them off-balance with some of our passing and were running the ball a little bit. I'll have to watch film to see what went wrong and how we couldn't continue that. They brought a lot more pressure, and I think we did a good job of picking it up. They just brought more pressure."

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