"We Just Went Out And Executed"

"Our guys played hard. But they've played hard all year long. We did some good things. I promised them I wouldn't say any negative things until tomorrow and let them enjoy this game tonight. Both teams played it all the way down to the end and they could have sent us into overtime with that last field goa1."

"A couple of times I thought we had control of the game, and we gave it up with some silly penalties. But other than that I thought we played pretty good overall."

"Anthony Dixon played well. I thought he practiced better and was a lot more disciplined during the course of the week in running to the holes. We pretty much restricted him in the running game, we said hey, run the ball to this hole and after that we go. And we got better."

Q: How concerned were you about the team responding after getting behind 14-0? "Not concerned. Because I knew they'd finish the game, they've finished it all year long and I didn't see any reason they wouldn't. I was concerned going out what was going to happen, did happen, because we didn't have a lot of energy. Even though we did practice well I just didn't feel like it was…I think the season had worn on them, I really thought that going out on the field. But they got a spark."

"And the good thing, the defense was struggling a little bit and then offensively our guys came out and played well. That gave everybody else a spark."

Q: Did Tyson Lee's sneak on fourth down cause a change? "Well, that was a critical play because it gave us a chance to keep the ball moving. And it resulted in points for us. We knew going in we were going usually on fourth downs, depending on where the ball was. Definitely outside the 30-yard line, between the 50 and the 30 we were going for it. And especially coming back towards our dressing room because of the wind."

Q: After their first touchdowns did you change anything defensively? "No. You're always adjusting each drive. But as I've said a thousand times, this idea of going in at halftime and changing plays and doing all that stuff, that's fantasy. Because if you ain't practiced it all week it ain't happening on game day. We didn't change anything really from anything we've done all year. We just went out and executed the gameplan on both sides of the ball."

Q: Did you know how important Dixon's 63-yard touchdown in the third quarter was? "Yeah, it got us a touchdown! It was real important. When you can get a touchdown without having to…you like to keep the ball and drive but I'd like to be like Florida, have more touchdown drives than anybody in the conference and the shortest time of possession. That would be really nice!"

Q: Why did you think you were able to move the ball so well on Arkansas, was it just executing plays? "Exactly. We didn't change anything."

Q: What was your mindset after the off-setting penalties on the punt play? "No, you do not want to know what my mindset was!"

Q: What happened on that play? "I'm not going to even discuss it tonight. We're going to enjoy this win tonight, and we'll discuss it tomorrow."

Q: When the field goal went wide what went through your mind? "I said Dear Lord, why does it have to be so hard?!"

Q: Talk about how after getting behind Lee was finding and getting the ball to his receivers? "Well, he did a good job. And he's still learning, we missed a critical third-down play. We had a high-low and high was covered, low was open. He went high. He came off the field, said he saw the coverage and he went with the first read because they had been playing it one way in the film. And they played the coverage slightly different, and you have to learn even though you study and anticipate what they're going to do you have to play and react the exact way it is on that play. They'd been jumping underneath and the deep guy was open, this time they stayed back on the deep guy and the short guy would have been open for an easy first down.

"But it was a lot better than what it has been. And even though he's coming as a junior college quarterback and older you have to get a lot of reps and a lot of game experience before it becomes where you have to thibk about it. Because if you have to think about a play in our conference usually the play is not going to be successful. You do the thinking during the week; you react on game day."

Q: Injuries? "I haven't had a chance to check with the trainer, but nothing that I saw. I know Bo Walters (burner during the week) went into the game wounded and he got the shoulder hurt and had to come out. How extensive Keith Fitzhugh is I don't know at this point."

Q: How impressed were you with Arkansas' quarterback? "I thought he had tremendous poise. I'm sure he probably didn't execute some things the way they wanted him to. But I was hoping we could rattle him and I don't think that happened. For a pure freshman in his first start I was very impressed."

Q: Talk about the linebacker play, Dominic Douglas and K.J. Wright? "Those guys play well all the time, I expect that. There are certain guys you just assume they're going to play well. The guy that caught my eye, and I'm sure he made some mistakes because he's a freshman, but (safety) Charles Mitchell was catching my eye every time he goes on the field. He can be as good a player as he wants to be."

Q: Was this Dixon's best all-around effort with two touchdown catches? "The stats of course are huge. But it seems to me he played with a lot more discipline and poise tonight. I never saw any what we call ‘pretty boy' running. He ran downhill, he caught the ball, he ran the routes well, I saw when the blitzes came he picked up his guy. Just based on what I saw on the sideline I thought it was a complete performance by him."

Q: Do you talk about that ‘pretty boy' running with him? "Every day. In a lot of different ways!"

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