"We'll Get Things Turned Around, I Promise"

CENTER J.C. BRIGNONE: "I think they just came out hitting and swinging before we even got our guard up. And they hit us real hard. They jumped up on us before we could get our run game started and forced us to pass the ball 80% of the game."

Q: Was it a mental thing or execution? "I think you hit it right on the head. We were doing things that we did at the beginning of the season, when we were younger without game experience and things I hadn't seen our offensive line do in a while. And it was real disappointing. It's upsetting. But that's what we have the off-season for, to get these young guys that had these young mistakes to pick it up. And we'll get things turned around, I promise you."

Q: How much uncertainty if any is there about the coaching staff? "I don't think anything with the players. I think we're all ready to go with whoever we've got and whatever we have. You know, I think our gameplan was good, they just hit us before we could even start."

Q: Is this more motivation for off-season and spring? "Definitely. Losing period is very disappointing, very discouraging. But losing to your cross-state rival is even worse. It's a real kick in the ribs. It makes me real upset. But I think we're going to pick it up in the spring and get everything started."

LINEBACKER DOMINIC DOUGLAS: Q: Coach said he thought there was a lack of intensity today. "I felt like we didn't play with much intensity. They racked up 40-some points on us and when you're down like that it's hard to get out of the hole. I agree with Coach on that." Q: When did you realize it was out of control? "I mean, from the first two scores. We didn't capitalize on offense and the defense didn't stop the different things they did. It got up pretty quick on us and it just got out of control."

Q: You talked this week about this game being for pride? "I have a lot of regrets. We didn't play to our full potential. We've played some great defense, we've played some great offense. Today it just wasn't clicking in any phase of the game. As far as the players, the play-calling, whatever, I don't know what went on there but we just didn't come here to play."

Q: Was there one thing giving trouble or were they much faster or what? "It all boils down to intensity. I mean, we didn't play with a lot of intensity. We didn't move around fast enough. We fit our gaps pretty good after we got to the drawing board, but we still have to make plays. We just didn't come up with the big plays."

Q: Were they better than you expected? "No, they were pretty much what we expected. I mean, I give gratitude to them, they're a pretty good team. I said Tuesday when I was doing interviews the head coach is pretty much the brains of the offense and defense, so they played with a lot of intensity. Their fans were behind them, they came out to play and we didn't."

Q: How tough does a loss like this make the future? "It makes it a whole lot tougher. I mean, you've got Ole Miss and Mississippi State. I mean, you know the outcome of last year with the Ole Miss coach. So it's pretty hard trying to come out of the hole and then turn around to have this game and still try to come out of the hole. But I hope everybody still tries to back Coach Croom and sheds a little positive light on him, because I think he's a great coach."

Q: What really hurt this team this year. "I don't know, I haven't gathered my thoughts on that."

"It's been pretty tough, this was my last game and not knowing where my future is going. Just trying to do some last bonding with the guys and the coaches. It's been pretty tough but I believe every senior has handled it pretty well, as far as preparation for this game I think we prepared pretty well. It just didn't show up at the end."

QUARTERBACK WESLEY CARROLL: Q: How tough was it working with those guys in your face all the time? "Obviously it's tough getting the ball out on time. And any time they move you outside the A-gaps it's hard to throw on rhythm, and that's what most of our offense is; is throwing on rhythm. They disrupted that and they played real well on defense."

"They had unbelievable pressure all day. They played all-out on defense, and the front seven is one of the toughest fronts we've seen all year. They proved it today and they executed real well. Unfortunately we couldn't play better but they brought it today and we didn't."

Q: What did you see looking at Brandon McRae's injury? "It was tough with the injury. But just the look in his eyes, it's real disheartening. And I've never had my hand squeezed so hard, but I was glad somebody was there with him right away. All of us are praying for him and I'd ask for everybody else to pray for him."

Q: What was it like at halftime between the score and injuries? "Like I said, it was real disheartening with B-Mac and the score didn't help. It was tough to go out there, but we did. I mean we didn't just give it up. It would have been easy to, they could have scored 100 on us if we gave up, but we didn't and we kept fighting and did what we could. Unfortunately it wasn't our day."

"There's nothing to do except get ready for next season. We can't do anything the rest of this season, unfortunately it's over, the seniors are on their way. Now we have to just start getting ready for next year. I mean, we can look at the film to evaluate mistakes but all in all we've got to get ready for next year."

"It's always unfortunate to lose the last game of the year just because you're going to have that sick feeling in your stomach until you beat another opponent. And hopefully that will add a little momentum going into the off-season, getting ready for these teams with a chip on our shoulder."

SAFETY CHARLES MITCHELL: "We just got out-played. Offensively, defensively. We just have to keep our heads up and have a great off-season and come back ready next year."

Q: Was their offense's execution a surprise? "It was a surprise. We thought we had prepared well for them, we thought had a good gameplan for them. But sometimes things don't go our way, we have a hard time executing plays sometimes."

"The defense, we always say keep fighting, don't let up. Fight, fight, fight. We have to take that attitude into the off-season. My mindset is I'm very much more determined. I'm always determined, but finishing the way we finished, having the year we had, we've just got to go at it real hard."

QUARTERBACK TYSON LEE: Q: Was their pressure why the offense never got in-synch, or did you start pressing? "I think it was a little bit of both. We couldn't move the ball as far as the running game, and when you can't run the ball it makes it tough in the passing game. When we did try to pass they were constantly getting pressure back there. It makes it tough to do both when you can't get the running game established."

Q: Last week you had success on offense, what the difference this week? "I think Ole Miss just came ready to play. I think their front-four established the first six inches and their linebackers played downhill the whole game. And when you can't establish a running game it makes it hard on the passing game. we weren't able to do that at the beginning of the game or throughout the game as well."

Q: Anthony Dixon had 179 yards last week, 17 this game, what was the reason for that? "Ole Miss. That's the answer. They played a good game. I think they realized when we do run the ball we're very efficient on offense. They had probably practiced that all week and that was one of their motivations. And they played a great game and didn't allow us to do that today."

Q: With the scar you look like you've been in a fight? "Yeah, but I say look at the other guy, he's doing bad too!"

Q: What does a game like this do to your mindset going into off-season? "It's a lot of motivation for me. We played our home-state rival and they just beat our brains out, they played a great game for four quarters. And hopefully it's motivation and momentum going into the off-season to get ready for a new year."

Q: Is there any uncertainty among the players about the future of this staff? "Not that I know of. We feel like each coach will be back next year, so after Christmas we'll go into January expecting the same thing."

Q: Do you think about that? "I don't. We think more or less execution on the field. Last wee we did execute, and this week we didn't execute. So a lot of questions can be asked now, but last week they weren't asked when we moved the ball really well."

"I felt we came out and played hard and I think we kind of dropped our heads when Ole Miss had some momentum. So hopefully we'll learn from it and get better from it and get ready for a new season starting in January."

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