JZ George HS Brent Fluker Recruiting Update

[Premium Article] Gene's Page caught up with J Z George HS (North Carrollton, MS) offensive lineman Brent Fluker (6-5, 315, 5.3) recently. Unknown to almost all of the recruiting analysts, Brent has come on strong this season and is now considered one of the top offensive linemen in the state of Mississippi.

I understand that MSU is recruiting you, is that correct?
"Yes, sir."

How long have they been recruiting you?
"Since last year."

Why don't you give our readers some basic stats about yourself?
"I'm 6-5, 315. I run the 40 in 5.3. I bench 330 and squat 500."

What kind of year did you have this year.
"It was pretty good, I guess. I felt I got better at some things, so it was good."

Like, better at what things?
"Pass blocking."

Would you say you're a better run blocker or pass blocker?
"I can do both, but I would say a better run blocker."

What do the coaches who are recruiting you say is your best quality?
"They say I move good for a big man; they like my footwork. I have big hands and long arms. They really like the blocks that I do. And they say they like my long snapping."

Good. Long snapping is always in demand. Speaking of being in demand, what kind of recruiting interest are you getting right now?
"Delta State, University of Kentucky, Ole Miss, University of Memphis, Rice, Colorado, Colorado St., Mississippi State and a lot of the junior colleges."

Which ones have offered you a scholarship?
"Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Northwest CC and Holmes CC."

Who is leading for your signature right now?
"Probably Mississippi State."

What do you like about State?
"The program. I like Jackie Sherrill, the way he is. He is a good guy and everything. Just the overall program."

Have you grown up a fan of any particular school?
"No, not really. I just watch them all."

Have you taken any visits yet, and do you have any set up?
"No, I haven't taken any yet, but I have one set up to Mississippi State on the 10th of January and then one to Delta St."

What coach from Mississippi State is recruiting you?
"Rocky Felker and Terry Lewis. They are pretty cool. It's kind of fun talking to them. They came to the school last week and talked about what programs they have and how I could possibly help the team."

Are you looking forward to playing college ball?
"Yes. When I go somewhere, I want to go somewhere to get my grades and play some football, but I'm going to school to get my degree first. I mean, I like to play football and people say I'm pretty good at it - I like to ring heads and everything, but I'm going to get my degree first."

It sounds like you really have your attitude right and you have things together. And I really appreciate your time for this interview.
"Yeah, thanks for the interview."

Brent Bozeman is a correspondent for Gene's Page. He can be reached by email at bozeman@telepak.net .

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