Sean Brauchle and Chris White

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College head coach Steve Campbell talks about what two of his players, kicker Sean Brauchle and linebacker Chris White, both Mississippi State signees, will bring to the Mississippi State football team during the next two years. This is the first of a four-part series with the head coaches of the junior colleges where the MSU junior college signees played.

What are your thoughts about your two players that Mississippi State signed during the December signing period - kicker Sean Brauchle and linebacker Chris White? We'll start with Sean. What made him so special that he was selected a two-time juco All-American?
Steve Campbell - "Sean is an extremely talented player. He has an explosive leg that is very, very accurate. When it comes off his foot it's different than most kickers. I've had some other good kickers, but the ball just explodes off of his foot. And he can get it up high really quick.

"He was a great tailback and defensive back in high school at Mercy Cross. He rushed for over a 1,000 yards and had a lot of interceptions. He took his Mercy Cross team deep into the playoffs his senior year while playing both ways. Sean could have actually started for us in the secondary. And we had a secondary that included Demond Washington who signed with Ole Miss, Ira Smith who is going to North Texas, and a great freshman free safety. Sean could have started in that secondary. That's the kind of athlete that he is.

"There are a lot of very talented people out there, but Sean also has a tremendous work ethic. Kicking is his craft and he really takes a lot of pride in perfecting his craft. He has a ton of drills that he works on every day, including kicking from tremendous angles. I'm referring to him almost kicking it sideways from the goalpost. He'll be kicking it straight over the bar.

"Another thing about Sean is his demeanor. It's perfect for a kicker. He has a lot of confidence in himself. A kicker needs that kind of confidence. He will not get down on himself. If he does miss one it's not like he's going to miss a great deal of time worrying about it because he knows what happened to cause him to miss it. He'll just go to work and get it corrected. And a lot of kickers are a different kind of bird, but he's not like that. He's very level headed, very matter of fact, a let's get to work sort of guy."

I've seen a couple of games on video of Sean. While it appears he has a strong leg and kicked some kickoffs into the endzone, he didn't do it that often. In fact, most of his kickoffs were around the five-yard line or in that area.
"We want to make sure we (only have to) cover 1/3 of the field and pin them down. (To do tha) we put the ball on the left hash and kick it deep left. That means we are going to start from the left hash and kick it between the numbers and the sideline down the left side as deep as we can get it and with as much hang time as we can get. That cuts down the area that we have to cover because we aren't kicking it down the middle and having to worry about a middle return, a right return or a left return. We kick it into one corner and use our speed to cover 1/3 of the football field. That has been really good for us. We haven't given up a return across the fifty in a long time. And most of the time, if they do bring it out, we hit them somewhere around the 10 to 12-yard line because Sean kicks the ball so high."

Chris White, also an All-American, led your team in tackles both seasons while playing for you.
"When you look at Chris you are going to say there's a good size defensive end because he's 6-4, 230. A lot of people may say that he's going to be a guy who winds up with his hand on the ground. But when they say that what that means to me that they haven't seen any film of him because he is a natural linebacker. He has a lot of linebacker instincts and tremendous speed to play linebacker. Speed will never be a question mark about him. He's also a great leader.

"Chris is a guy who did it all for us. He played special teams, anchored the defense at linebacker and we even used in our jumbo package on offense. He's a team guy. He epitomizes what a football player should be.

"Both Sean and Chris are the type players that you turn a program around with. We got over the hump when we got those two young men as freshmen. We had had some really good football teams and had been in the top 10 the two years prior to them getting on campus. But when we got them here, we went from a team that was top 10 south division champion into a state champion and a national championship football team."

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