MSU Defeats Georgia State 78-54

[Premium Article] The Mississippi State players, Timmy Bowers, Derrick Zimmerman and Mario Austin, talked about their team's 78-54 victory over Georgia State.

Timmy Bowers

Talk about that play where you and Zimmerman both grabbed the rim and were hanging from it together.
"Coach is always telling us to follow up our teammates shots in case they miss it. We both followed it and just happened to grab it at the same time. We both got out there and laughed about it."

Derrick Zimmerman

Did you guys say anything to each other while you were hanging from the rim?
"If any of you got a picture of it you could see us smiling."

Talk about your defensive play in the second half.
"From looking at the stats I see that we gave up 17 points. In the first half we weren't really playing. We gave up 37 points in the first half. We had just came off a game against Xavier where we gave up 15 points in the first half. It was a tale of two halves. Coach got on us pretty good in the locker room and told us that we needed to step up our intensity in the second half. It always starts with the guards, so me, Tim and Ontario Harper wanted to pick up our pressure and make things happen."

Did it surprise you how well number 11 (Cedric Patton) shot the ball?
"In the scouting report he was known as a shooter. He got a couple of open looks early and he hit a couple of tough shots late in the first half. Coach got on us about giving up too many points to him." (Patton only got 4 points in the second half.-Gene)

Even though Coach Stansbury said you guys didn't play that well, you won the game by 24.
"Well, right now we are playing ok, but we aren't playing up to our capabilities. We have a lot of weapons on this team that people don't really know about. We are trying to use each game as a stepping stone to build on what we didn't do that last game. This game we wanted to get more pressure on the ball and dominate the rebounding as we did."

Mario Austin

Were you a little more calmer this game than you were prior to the Xavier game in New York?
"I just wanted to come in and play with the intensity that I played with in New York."

How much fun was it to be back playing?
"It is fun. You sit out 6 games and watch those guys have fun, I just wanted to be a part of it the rest of the season."

Talk about your feeling going into the Xavier game after having to sit out the first 6 games.
"I knew it was probably going to be a tough game for me sitting out 6 games. I knew I would be a little rusty. I just wanted to go into the game and rebound the ball and make hustle plays. I knew the offense would come if I made defensive plays. It just happen to work out for me in New York."

Talk a little about the fan support for tonight's game.
"Looking up and seeing all those fans let us know that we have fans on our side wherever we go. For them to come out tonight and support us, we want to thank them for that. We look at it as a plus for our basketball team. Whenever you have a packed house you know you have a backbone. For them to support us was big for us."

Where have you seen the most improvement in your game this season?
"Running the floor and my ability out on the perimeter. I feel more comfortable out on the perimeter because I worked on it so hard this past summer."

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