MSU AD Greg Byrne And Expectations

Mississippi State Athletic Director Greg Byrne, while introducing MSU head football coach Dan Mullen, talks about expectations.

Video of Greg talking to MSU fans in Stoneville, MS about the MSU expectation level -

Transcript of the video for those of you who aren't able to view it.

Greg Bryne - There is nothing wrong with having high expectations for you, for your department, for the student-athletes, for your coaches and everybody involved.

And what we are working really hard on doing is making sure we set that bar at an expectation level that you all have for us as a university and what you all have for us as an athletic department. Every decision that we make, everything that we try to accomplish on a daily basis, on a yearly basis has that in mind.

There are three things that we absolutely have to have at Mississippi State or we can't exist. We have to have the university, first and foremost. Nobody or anything is bigger than the university. The second thing that we have to have are the student-athletes. We don't have our student-athletes, then none of this exists. The third thing that we have to have are our fans. If we don't have our fans, then we don't have jobs, we don't have the economic impact that you make to the Starkville area. We don't give kids the opportunity to have a scholarship, come to Mississippi State and make them better people than when they got here.

We are going to be as good as we possibly can be at this if we raise the expectation level across the board through every single one of our coaches, through every one of our student-athletes. That will say that we can compete in the Southeastern Conference. And if we can compete in the Southeastern Conference, we can compete on a national level. And we have to start believing that a little bit more. And we are trying to instill that belief.

When we hired John Cohen, one of the things that he talked about - and he was very serious about it, it wasn't a passing comment - was that he wants to win a national championship at Mississippi State. We are hiring a volleyball coach right now. And we've had volleyball coaches talking about why they think they can come to Mississippi State and win a national championship. That is a great level of expectation to have.

If you don't believe that you can do that, then why are you going out and competing on a daily basis, what's the point in all of that?

We've had a chance to talk to a lot of different coaches - and it was interesting to watch the different takes on where they saw Mississippi State - and there was one guy who set himself apart almost immediately looking at the strengths that Mississippi State has ... the great support of the fans, the great level of high school football in this state and keeping them in our state by going to Mississippi State, and also going into different parts of the United States and getting kids to be part of the Mississippi State family ... we are happy to present to you your new football coach Dan Mullen.

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