Dan Mullen Talks Wishing and Wanting to Win

Mississippi State Head Football Coach Dan Mullen talks to the Bulldog fans in Stoneville, MS about the difference between wishing you could win and wanting to win.

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Dan Mullen - In our team meeting talking to our players, I asked them what they want and why are they here? What do you want out of your college career, what do you want from Mississippi State?

I can ask that question here. What do you want from Mississippi State football? (pointed to someone in the room. the person said he wants to win). I heard that a lot.

There's a big difference, though. I'm not sure you want to win. I'm not sure you want to win. You wish you could win. 99.9% of the people around the country wish for success. They wish they could stand there and have confetti fall down on them. They wish they could celebrate with their fans after every single home game. But I'm not sure they want it.

There is a lot of difference between wishing and wanting. People who want to win do something about it. People who want to win make sure that no one outworks them. People who want to win make sure that they put in the effort that is needed to win. And I think our team really has to learn that right now. There was a whole room full of guys who wish they could win. What we have to do is find the guys who want it. And those guys have to pull a couple of more people who want to win.

What a great turnout this is today. Monday afternoon yall came out here to support us, to support our athletic program. And I hope that we have a lot of wanters in this room, a lot more wanters than wishers who want to do whatever it takes to help our program, to help our university to be the best that they can be.

How can you help? For me personally and I think I can also speak for John Cohen, on April 18th there is a great way you can help. On April 18th John's old school (Kentucky) comes into town. They have their first pitch at 1 o'clock. And we are having our maroon and white game at 5 o'clock.

I can promise you we are putting together a staff that will work relentless recruiting the state, so there will probably be the top 50 players in the state next year at that game. Those top 50 players are going to look around the stands and think there are 3,000 people who came to this game and think to themselves that they were over at Alabama and they had 90,000.

So, we need to fill that stadium not just every Saturday next fall, but we need to fill that stadium this spring. The baseball team needs you to fill their stadium this spring. Our basketball team plays this Saturday. It is a big recruiting weekend for us because we will have all our recruits in. It won't look good to walk into an empty stadium. So, come support our programs.

If you want our athletic department to be great, you have to think about what you are doing to help, what are you doing to help these student-athletes?

Talk about how great the school is. Promote it. Talk about how proud you are of it. When you drive down a street, there should be a Mississippi State flag hanging out of every house. When you go to my house, there will be one hanging out of the front of my house. When they come back home after getting their degree help them. Maybe you will want to give one of the players a job after they graduate. Then, they can start their lives and they can help promote the program to be on top.

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