Dan Mullen Talks About His Coaching Staff

Mississippi State Head Football Coach Dan Mullen talks to the Bulldog fans in Stoneville, MS about his coaching staff.

Video of Dan Mullen talking to MSU fans about his coaching staff -

Transcript of the video for those of you who aren't able to view it.

Dan Mullen - (question was asked about who the offensive line coach would be) The offensive line coach showed up today (Monday) - Coach (John) Hevesy. He's a recruiter right now. I haven't assigned positions yet. He's the new recruiter that showed up today.

He's been with me since we actually started this whole thing. John and I were the first two people Urban Meyer hired on his staff. We had never met before that day and walked into the room together and we've been together since then. We were with Bowling Green, Utah and Florida together.

He and his wife Kelly and their three kids ... we got to spend some time with them on Christmas Eve. We told him the vision that we have and what we could do. He said he would think about it.

Before the championship game, he said he would be onboard with it. I told him alright, we will talk about it as soon as the game ends. And I'm really thrilled to have him a part of our staff.

When you see our staff, you are going to love them, and say they look like a football staff.

When you meet Coach (Matt) Balis, our strength coach, you will see that he looks like a strength coach. And if you talk to him, you will see that he certainly talks like a strength coach. When you meet our line coach, he's 6-4 and ... he's been on Nutri-system for awhile ... so he's 300 pounds now. He also talks like a line coach.

We are going to put together a great staff. I'm thrilled with the people that we have here, so far. We are going to finish it up after signing day.

(a question was asked about how many more "recruiters" will he hire)

I have to figure out what we want to do with the last spot and what is going to happen and see where we go from there in the future.

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