Dan Mullen Talks About His Recruiters

Mississippi State Head Football Coach Dan Mullen talks to the Bulldog fans in Stoneville, MS about his coaching staff as recruiters.

Video of Dan talking to MSU fans about his coaching staff as recruiters -

Transcript of the video for those of you who aren't able to view it.

Dan Mullen - (question was aked about how many "recruiters" would be bring with him from Florida) They have some good ones down there. Right now, John (Hevesy) is the only coach coming with me from Florida. And (strength coach) Matt Balis was with us (at Florida) the last time we won a national championship. They were also with us when we had undefeated teams at Utah.

What I want to do is make sure we have (coaches), when they go out in this state, when they talk to the kids, when they talk to the coaches, that they have relationships where those kids and coaches can relate to them. If I walked in and started talking to them, I don't think they would know what I'm talking about.

Having the ability to keep Melvin Smith and having him to recruit this area - he is from this area - is a great thing.

Having a guy like Frank Wilson onboard - who is one of the great recruiters in the United States and he is probably the best in all of college football - getting him onbard and having him recruiting down south along the coast, all of the way from Baton Rouge to Tallahassee is huge. He will be down there going along I-10. If there is a player there, I expect him to be playing for us. We will have a bus and just drive down the street and have them jump on.

Players make the difference. If there was a perfect offense, everybody would run it. If there was a perfect defense, everybody would run that. It's the individual players who make the difference. The players and their commitment to what you are doing as a program is what makes the biggest difference. And right now we are working to go get the top players in the state to come play for us.

We want them to come in and buy into a system that works. And ours has a pretty good track record of working in the past.

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