MSU AD Greg Byrne: Winners Win

Mississippi State Athletic Director Greg Byrne, while talking to Bulldog fans in Stoneville, described new MSU head football coach Dan Mullen as a winner.

Video of Greg talking to MSU fans about winners winning -

Transcript of the video for those of you who aren't able to view it.

Greg Byrne - Coach Mullen talked about the difference between wishing to win and wanting to win. One thing that was mentioned early in the (football coaching) search is that our alumni base may be a little smaller than the other schools that we are competing against but nobody cares about their institution more than Mississippi State alums, there's nobody that is more loyal to their institution than Mississippi State alums.

If we are all doing our part - you talk about holding the rope - if we are pulling our part of the rope, we can compete with anybody.

Bart Gregory, Strat, and the Bulldog Club staff have done a really good job of growing our base. And we need everybody that possibly can to join the Bulldog Club.

I had a woman come up to me at the Western Kentucky basketball game and she had a whole bunch of ideas that she was throwing at me, things that we could do. And I appreciated those things. I then asked her if she was a Bulldog Club member. She said, 'no, I can only give $100.' And I guarantee you there are several thousand people out there that are like that. And that adds up quickly. So, if we all do our part, whether it is $50 or $100 ... I will also be happy to sell one of those (honorary) head coaching positions for the Maroon and White (spring football) Game for million dollars today ... whatever your part is, we need you to do your part.

On your way out pick those (Bulldog Club) cards up, get a friend to join if you are already a member. We do appreciate that.

When we were talking to the different coaches (during the coaching search), we talked to a lot of different people all across the country in the football business - professional, college, high school coaches, in this state especially. One night, we were driving in the car and talking to Jim Tressel, the head coach of Ohio State. We were talking offenses, what the difference is between the spread, the single back, the option, all the different things out there. He said, 'Greg, remember one thing, winners win.' And when you look at Dan Mullen and the staff that he is bringing together, they have won. And that is the attitude that we need at Mississippi State going forward. And that is the attitude that we are going to have.

We appreciate you and we need you involved, so everybody do their part.

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