Dan Mullen Talks To MSU Fans in Olive Branch

Mississippi State Head Football Coach Dan Mullen talks to Bulldog fans in Olive Branch, MS.

Video of Dan Mullen talks to MSU fans in Olive Branch, MS -

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Dan Mullen - I ask my players to wake up every morrning and reach their potential. We are not going to be a championship team when we wake up tomorrow morning. The nice thing is we have a long time before we have to become a championship team.

But if that team finds a way to reach their potential every day, they can get there.

If I can be this good today and just get there (he puts his hand out a certain height), then tomorrow I can be that good (raises his hand a few inches). Then, if I can be that good tomorrow, I can be here the next day (raises his hand a few inches higher).

When you see us, you are going to see a team that reaches its potential.

You come watch us in the spring, you'll say that was good. You come watch us in September, you'll think that was a little better. You watch us in November, you'll think they are pretty good, now. Hopefully, you'll come watch us play in December and think that's a pretty darn good team. (people start laughing and clapping) You come watch us play in January and you think we've got something here. (his voice is almost drown out due to the applause)

I like to think that we have the best strength and conditioning coach in the United States in Matt Balis. When you meet him, you'll know why. I don't know if they teach you the perfect clean and jerk technique, but I do know that we will have the mentally and physically toughest team in the country. That is, basically, his job to do. So, we are thrilled to have him onboard. I can't wait to see our team's reaction to him. I know they are a little nervous waiting to go through that first workout with him. They are wondering what that sacrifice that they have gotten themselves into is all about.

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