Dan Mullen Talks About The Spring Game

Mississippi State Head Football Coach Dan Mullen talks to the Bulldog fans in Stoneville, MS about the upcoming spring football game to be held April 18th during Super Bulldog Weekend.

Video of Dan Mullen talks to MSU fans about the spring football game -

Transcript of the video for those of you who aren't able to view it.

Dan Mullen - (a question about the spring game was asked) Hopefully, we will score a lot of points (crowd laughed).

Super Bulldog Weekend is going to be a day full of events. We will have a Maroon and White Game where we will split the team up.

I had a talk with Greg (Byrne) about this. When he goes out he will have bids where we will have (honorary) head coaches for each team from the Bulldog Clubs around the state.

So, if you want to become a head coach for either the Maroon or White team, call him and tell him it's worth this much to you. (crowd laughed).

Whoever the head coach is, we promise you that you will be able to come in the day of the player draft (the Thursday before the spring game), you'll have your staff of assistants, and you will be able to draft your team. You'll be able to run out with them and they'll put some points on the scoreboard.

Looking at our defensive players in the team meeting, it might be tough to put any points on the board. We might put (a score of) 17-14 on the scoreboard before the game even starts. People who come in late will see the scoreboard and think they have missed some early scoring.

It will be a fun weekend. There is nothing more that you can do to help than coming to the game. Come support the baseball program, come support the football program. We will make sure there are a lot of fun things for the kids. We will have an autograph session with the team and you will be able to meet the team before the game. There will be a lot of festivities.

Right now, I'm selling a belief to our players. Unfortunate for them, they don't know what the rewards are. They have to trust in what I am telling them without knowing what the rewards are at the end. But one of those rewards is they are going to work their tails off during the off-season conditioning, work their tails off in fourteen (spring) practices, and then run into a stadium full of fans, at least 40,000 fans who are there to show their support to their team that day.

And they are going to say, 'coach, you are right, everything that you were talking about, we are reaping the benefits of our work.'

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