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SEATTLE - Here are quotes from Lorenzo Romar, Justin Dentmon, Isaiah Thomas and Justin Holiday and Jon Brockman, as the Washington Huskies defeated the UCLA Bruins 86-75 in front of a raucous sellout crowd at Bank of America Arena.

Lorenzo Romar Opening comments - "We just completed a weekend of heavy weight fights. The USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins are two heavy weights. We had to have a heavy weight response. I thought we were just an average team in the first half. We allowed them to get out in front of us and we lost their shooters. I thought we settled down in the second half and played pretty good basketball. I couldn't be more proud of a player that I've been able to coach right now than Justin Dentmon. He did a great thing today. He got in early foul trouble, you pick up two fouls in the first three minutes of the gam. I've seen guys go south, their heads not in it, they're pouting. He stayed over there and I watched him, I glanced at him every now and then and he was so focused. He picks up his fourth foul, it would have been so easy for him to check out menatally but he didn't do that. He came back and immediately made his presence felt, immediately had an impact on us winning that game. It's kind of a culmination on how his career has been. There were a couple of seasons where he could have easily gone south, but he didn't. This summer he battled and battled and worked and worked. He's playing just like an all-conference guard right now. I couldn't be prouder of him. We won this game as a team. That's the only way you beat a team of UCLA's caliber."

On if he thought Brockman would come back strong from USC - "I think so, he is a man with a lot of pride. You knew he would come back today and play well. 8 of 10 from the line." On second half adjustments- "Get your behind out there and box out. Other than that there weren't any adjustments."

On Thomas - "When they came out and junked it up against him he just waited and waited. I thought he showed tremendous poise in that regard. It makes you so much better, it shows you have a mentally tough basketball team."

On Dentmon - "He has surprised me that he is able to bounce back to this level. I didn't know if he could do that and he has. I watched Justin play his AAU team in high school and he was one of the smoothest point guards, one of the most poised point guards you could see. He got the ball to the right people and he hit in the big shot. Later I saw him in the state tournament with his high scool team and for them he was playing the role he is playing now, off the ball. He was running off screens and in six games I think he shot 55% from the three point line."

Justin Dentmon

On having an impact in the second half - "I knew I had to find a loophole in their defense and on offense because the fouls had me rattled and I was playing timid on defense. Coach told me to keeping sticking with it and that's what I tried to do."

On these last 2 wins - "It says we're now playing. It says all the hardwork in the summer time has paid off and it is starting to take place right now. Now we focus on getting this road wins at Arizona's and that will set the foundation for where we're trying to go."

On possibly being ranked - "We still are going to play how we've been playing. We're just going to keep playing and get better and better. You never know, we could be number one for the whole season if we keep playing."

On the defense between the two halves - "Defense, we cut off their three point shots and we started blocking them out on rebounds. We started scoring and getting to the line, that was the key, getting to the line early. I think that really frustrated them, when they had guys in foul trouble and they were more timid on defense."

On getting back to back steals - "I was just at the right place at the time. We really needed a stop and god willing it came right to me."

Isaiah Thomas

On if playing UCLA was as good as advertised - "Yes it was. Just watching previous times on TV, we always bring it when they come in our house. It's UCLA so you have to (bring it). They're always ranked and we want to come out and play hard."

On having an impact in the second half - "As a scorer and a shooter you just have to keep shooting and you can't get down on yourself. You have to have confidence in yourself and I did that."

On playing at home - "Home court advantage is a plus and once they get behind us and get loud it rattles the other team. We do the best we can to get the crowd into it."

Justin Holiday

On the crowd chants - "I expected that to happen. At the same time when I go to UCLA I will probably hear it back. I didn't like it though because I don't like when people talking about my brother, but in this case it was okay."

On if he talked to his brother during the game - "We joked around a little bit. I probably shouldn't say this but you know you're suppose to box out, but he said, 'if you don't go I won't' and I said, 'okay cool' I just chilled. We tried to keep it happy and fun."

Jon Brockman

On how the team performed - "With just the stakes that were on the line I think our guys came out really focused and performed. That's a good sign. It shows a lot of maturity. Wew came out of the gates and we were down 9-1 and we just stayed to the game plan. We made a couple mistakes but we had to keep playing and digging ourselves back into it."

On Dentmon's free throws - "He shoots it well. If you go back and look you'll notice he shoots it better when it's crunch time. He's a clutch shooter."

On this being his senior season and beating UCLA - "I've been through a lot and it feels great. It's a much better feeling I'll tell you that much. We can enjoy this, love it, soak up these moments like that. Last time playing UCLA at home for me. There's a lot league left. We have to stay focused and keep getting better."

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