Ethan Bright Hitting And Pitching Well

South Panola High School (Batesville, MS) Ethan Bright, a Mississippi State signee, has helped his team to an overall record of 6-2 during the early going of this year's baseball season.

"Our season is going alright," said Bright. "We are 6 and 2. I'm batting around .470. Although I don't have a lot of home runs, just 1, I have a ton of walks."

While his hitting prowess was expected, his pitching exploits may have caught a few people by surprise.

"I've pitched in two games and won both of them," said Bright. "I started both of them and went 6 innings in one and 5 innings in the other. I think I gave up one hit in both games and I had 2 or 3 walks in both of them. I had 9 strikeouts in the first game against Cleveland and against Oxford I had 8."

Bright gives credit for his improved pitching to an overpowering fastball and improved health.

"Against Oxford, I was (consistently) throwing 91-92 and topped out at 94," said Bright who has two offspeed pitches, a curveball and a circle changeup, that he throws on occasion. "I was probably throwing 87-88 last year but my arm was hurt most of the season, so I just threw about 80% most of the time."

With a teammate, Ole Miss signee David Renfroe, also being looked at by Major League Baseball scouts, the South Panola games have drawn a significant number of scouts early in the season.

"The scouts have come out to watch me and David most of the time," said Bright. "Against Tupelo there were 8 or 10 scouts there. And our first game there were probably 8 to 10. Some games there are none and some games there are various numbers."

While Bright was signed by the Bulldog coaching staff to play first base, he believes there is a possibility that he may pitch some as well.

"They (the State coaches) might try me as a pitcher and see what I can do," said Bright. "I might be a closer or something like that."

We'll continue checking in with Ethan Bright throughout the season.

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