Matt Lane's Season Going Good

Mississippi State signee Matt Lane, a lefthanded pitcher who plays for Pope High School in Marietta, Georgia, has started his season off with a bang.

"We are doing good so far, going 4-0," said the 6-5, 185-pounder. "I've started one game and will start in the next game which is Tuesday. I threw 3 innings and had 8 Ks, 1 hit and no walks or runs. They only threw me three innings due to it being so early in the season. I had a 50-pitch count."

And he had to throw well considering who he was facing in the game.

"The game was a big game because it was against the top pitcher in the nation who throws 96 consistently," explained Lane. "We won the game. It was like 0-0 going into the 5th. Once their relievers came into the game, it ended up being something like 9-5. We had a 9-run sixth inning."

The 4-0 start is not unexpected, according to Lane.

"We expected to start this well because we are in contention with a couple of other teams to compete for the state championship," said Lane. "My friend, who is our other ace, is going to Georgia on a scholarship, so we have an SEC duo. He's (also) done good. We are both on a role."

He explained several reasons for his early success.

"I definitely have my curveball working right now - it's been my strikeout pitch," noted Lane. "Plus, the location of my fastball has been getting better. And the velocity on my fastball is around 87-88, but it's early right now."

He's been noticed by several Major League Baseball scouts thanks in large part to his first game appearance.

"The first game I threw was against the 96 miles per hour pitcher and there were like 28 Major League Baseball scouts there," said Lane.

Several of the scouts are going to keep an eye on him throughout the season and he could have a decision to make come June when the Major League Baseball Draft comes rolling around.

"Off and on the scouts have said that I could have a chance going pro, but it's definitely college right now," said Lane. "With several years added on, it will be even better for me."

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