A Q&A With OT Addison Lawrence

A one-on-one Q&A with Mississippi State sophomore right tackle Addison Lawrence.

What has caused your improvement this year?
Addison Lawrence - "(MSU head strength) Coach (Matt) Balis has us on a good weight program. And we have to make weight every day. I'm 6-4, 295 (pounds) now, and I came in as a freshman weighing 260. I had to make sure it was a good weight and not a bunch of flab. It's been a long road to get there."

What is the difference between the Addison Lawrence we see now compared to the Addison Lawrence we saw as a true freshman other than the weight?
"I feel like I'm smarter now because I've learned a lot. The size difference has definitely helped me because I feel like I can compete at the position that I'm playing now."

Your younger brother, Cameron, is also new to the team as a true freshman quarterback. Has that helped you?
"He does push me. And I have to start (at my position) before he does. That would look bad if he did (laugh). It is fun playing with him again. It's been awhile since I was in high school and playing on the same team as him."

And he's going to play quarterback, so you want to protect him don't you (laugh).
"Oh yeah, I'm got to protect my little brother."

I've been impressed with the offensive line during the first three practices, especially in the one-on-one drill. What are your thoughts about the line?
"We are making great gains. We are winning more one-on-ones than we have in a long time versus the defense. We were a young group last year and we have a lot of guys who have grown up and are stepping up to the plate. And we have the physical strength that we didn't have before."

What are some things you like about this offensive system?
"We are having fun. The speed of the game is so much more faster. I like the no-huddle. And I like the offense has the capability of scoring a touchdown every play. Every play can go big."

Why do you think the offense can do that?
"It's the spread I guess because it's tough to defend."

Tell me more about the final touchdown of the Saturday scrimmage that won the scrimmage for the offense.
"We pulled a reverse on them that we put in right before we came out here. We did that because we knew they were going to be flying to the ball trying to stop us on the short yardage. So, we had a naked reverse on the back side that worked perfectly."

What is the offensive line doing differently this offense compared to years past?
"Our splits aren't much different and our stances aren't too different, but we are doing a lot more reading certain players and letting certain players go. That way, they can read the backer and have different options with every play."

When did you realize you were going to be a starter?
"(MSU offensive line) Coach (John) Hevesy called me in his office and told me that after seeing the offseason ways that we have been running and moving that I would probably go into the spring as one at tackle."

Now that you have it, what do you have to do to keep it?
"Work hard every day and study, study, study. This is a complex offense, but once you learn it you will probably be successful in it."

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