Maroon-White Game Format, Staffs Announced

STARKVILLE, Miss. – Mississippi State head football coach Dan Mullen announced today the coaching staffs and game format for the Maroon-White Spring Game scheduled for Saturday at 5:30 p.m. at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field.

"We've divided up the staff – both on-field and off-field – so each team can operate on its own for that two-hour time period," Mullen said. "They'll use different locker rooms and

A draft will be held on Friday morning to determine the teams, and the game will consist of four 15-minute quarters and a 15-minute halftime period, just as a regular game. The Maroon-White game will feature many aspects of a regular-season game, with offense and defense being played at full-speed. Special teams will be conducted in a controlled format, with no kickoffs or punt returns. Offenses will start at their own 40 yardline after scores, and at the point of a fielded punt.

The Maroon Team will be guided by head coach Bud Thompson and his on-field staff will include Les Koenning, Greg Knox, Scott Sallach, David Turner and Melvin Smith. Graduate assistants Wesley Goodwin and Brian Kilgore will also help the Maroons.

The White Team will be coached by Richard Adkerson, who will be assisted by John Hevesy, Mark Hudspeth, Carl Torbush and Tony Hughes. Angelo Mirando and Maquase Lovings will also help the White Team.

Administrators, media relations staff, trainers, doctors, strength and conditioning coaches, equipment mangers and administrative assistants have all been assigned to a team and will be supporting their staff and players during the game.

The game will kick off at 5:33 p.m. and be televised by CSS. Replays of the game – enhanced with interviews of coaches and players - will also be shown on the cable outlet in the future.

(Ed. – Full staff listing below, and the maroon team better win.)


  • Head Coach – Bud Thompson

    Asst Coaches:

  • David Abney
  • Les Koenning
  • Greg Knox
  • Scott Sallach
  • David Turner
  • Melvin Smith
  • Wes Goodwin
  • Brian Kilgore


  • Rockey Felker
  • Brock Delaney
  • Nancy Covington
  • Jane Ballard
  • Matt Balis
  • Justin Gremillion
  • Donald Huffman
  • Scott Stricklin
  • Bracky Brett
  • Joe Galbraith
  • Ann Carr
  • Bob Collins
  • Josh Gilreath
  • Mike Richey
  • Chad Thomas
  • Bobby Tomlinson


  • Head Coach – Richard Adkerson

    Asst Coaches:

  • John Hevesy
  • Mark Hudspeth
  • Angelo Mirando
  • Carl Torbush
  • Tony Hughes
  • Marquase Lovings


  • Jody Wright
  • Reed Stringer
  • Susan Simmons
  • Angie Jabri
  • Lou Caralla
  • Eric Studedemann
  • Paul Mock
  • Phil Silva
  • Greg Byrne
  • Tyler Hill
  • Steve Smith
  • Duncan McKenzie
  • Rusty Linton
  • Straton Karatassos
  • Mike Nemeth
  • Bart Gregory
  • Brent Frey

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