Collins HS Defensive Lineman Corey Clark

Gene's Page recently interviewed Collins High School defensive lineman Corey Clark. Corey, ranked the 53rd best DL in the nation according to TheInsiders, was recently named to The Clarion-Ledger's first-team All-State team.

Have you set up an official visit to Mississippi State?
"Yes sir."

What is the date?
"On the 17th (of January)."

What other schools are you visiting and what are the dates?
"I visit Ole Miss on the 10th and LSU on the 24th."

Are those the only three you are going to visit?
"I also went to USM in December."

Are you thinking about setting up an official visit with any other school?
"I'm thinking about West Virginia."

Are those the schools that are still calling you or are there others that are calling?
"Other schools are calling me but those are the ones that I'm going with."

Do you have a favorite or favorites among the four schools you have or will visit?
"Mississippi State."

You were recently visited by new MSU defensive line coach John Blake. Tell me about meeting him.
"He told me about his life and where he coached at, NFL-wise. He told me if I come there he will do his part if I do mine."

I've heard rumors that you got to see his two Super Bowl rings. Is that true?
"Yes sir."

Did that impress you?
"Yes sir."

That would have impressed me too, Corey (laugh).

Did he intentionally show them or did you ask about them?
"We had a basketball game that night and I didn't know who he was. I was just sitting over there and one of my friends who is on the team...his momma had asked to look at his rings. She put them on and she was walking by and I happened to look at her hands and she had these big rings on. Man, they were big."

Before you met Coach Blake, were you leaning to State?
"I was already leaning toward State."

Did he kind of reinforce it for you?
"Yes sir."

That should do it, Corey. Thanks for the interview.
"Yes sir."

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