ScoutTV: C.C. Watson Senior Highlights

Cleburne County High School (Heflin, AL) lefthanded pitcher C.C. Watson, a Mississippi State signee, is showcased in this ScoutTV video presentation.

Lefthanded pitcher C.C. Watson is shown pitching in an Alabama playoff game. In his seven innings of work, he struck out 16, walked 1, gave up 6 hits and 2 runs. -


Watson's fastball was cnsistently 88-90 in the game, topping out at 92. He kept his fastball velocity at 88-90 the entire game except for the 7th when he was throwing 89 consistently. He also throws a hard curveball that averages 75 to 78 and topped out at 81. His changeup is in the upper 70s to low 80s. His total pitch count was 123 with 81 being strikes and 42 being balls.

His fastball velocities with number of pitches thrown at each velocity:

  • 92 - 2
  • 91 - 3
  • 90 - 12
  • 89 - 17
  • 88 - 14
  • 87 - 3

    1st Inning:

    He gave up two hits (including a solo home run), a walk and struck out three. His fastball was consistently in the 88-90 range, topping out at 91.

    2nd Inning

    He had a three-up, three down inning, including two groundouts to the third baseman and a strikeout. His fastball was consistently 88-91, topping out at 92.

    3rd Inning:

    He gave up his second home run of the game in this inning. And he also struck out three hitters. His fastball was 88-91, topping out at 92.

    4th Inning

    He had a three-up, three-down inning with three strikeouts. His fastball was in the 88-89 range, topping out at 90.

    5th Inning:

    He had another three-up, three-down inning and once again he struck out the side. His fastball was 88-90.

    6th Inning

    He gave up two hits while striking out one. His fastball was in the 88-90 range.

    7th Inning:

    He struck out two and gave up one hit. His fastball was consistently 89 miles per hour.

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